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3 Choice Review

March 20th, 2008 11:10am
Reviewed by Scott Brown
I am sad having to make this review. I have long been a Wayne Dobson fan and seeing his name I would know I was getting value for my money.

First let me explain that this is an excellent effect and can play about as small or large as you make it. There is no doubt that in the right hands you will be entertaining and amazing. However for the $60 you are getting the basic routine and a gaffed (stage size) wallet. At a higher price tag than some previous methods of achieving the same effect are you getting any real improvements? I would have to say - NO! You do get a small write up of Wayne's handling, but you don't find any real aid there.

If this is an effect you are interested in, I would look for any of the previous incarnations of this trick that have a proven track record and value.
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Author: Wayne Dobson
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Retail Price: $59.95
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The magician presents a wallet to the spectator, and offers them a free choice of the three objects that are inside the wallet; a credit card, business card, and a bank note. Before the spectator can choose the items, the magician writes down a prediction of which items will be placed in which pocket of the spectator. The magician then looks away and shields his eyes, and asks the spectator to take the three items out of the wallet one at a time. As the spectator pulls out each item, the magician tells them to put that item in a certain pocket. Once the spectator has finished randomly selecting the objects, the magician turns back to the spectator and pulls out his prediction. One by one, the magician names the location of each object, to the amazement of both the spectator and the audience!

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