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Artful Mentalism Of Bob Cassidy Review

Official Review

April 21st, 2008 1:46pm
Reviewed by Scott Brown
The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy may well be the most important work on mentalism written in the last 50 years, if not ever written! That is a bold statement, especially with the volume of product put out in the last few years. I doubt this will even be a controversial statement. It is just pure and simple real world mentalism shared by a real worker. You could even remove the dozens of fantastic effects and have a valuable book worth twice as much!

As I said you get numerous effects, stage and close-up that are top notch. Among them are his continuing works on Fourth Dimensional Telepathy, an Impromptu Book Test, as well as the most thorough study and presentation of Banacheck’s Psychokinetic Pen that I have seen anywhere. Not since Annemann has a performer understood the value of simple, clean and direct effects. The book even begins with a complete act and then dissects it as to why and how it works.

You are also treated to a number of utility items. Among these are a diabolical peek method that has fooled the best of them. As well as Bob Cassidy’s own impression clip board. A great device you can make on your own.

The real value however is the theory Bob Cassidy offers on mentalism. Never before in any single volume has there been so much information on mentalism’s performance and its’ whys and hows! Great advice on always being prepared along with practical impromptu effects.

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Author: Bob Cassidy
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It has taken more than twenty years, but Bob Cassidy, a founding member of the Psychic Entertainers' Association and one of the most influential and colorful creators of modern mentalism, has finally written a worthy successor to The Art of Mentalism! When the latter was first published in 1983, it was immediately recognized as a classic in the field and is on the "top ten" lists of many leading mentalists. We predict that this volume will eclipse the acclaim as the first. The first half of the book, reprints his Art of Mentalism 2 (a complete professional performance thoroughly explained), and his four Principia Mentalia volumes. As if that were not enough, the second half gives permanent form to 3 limited distribution manuscripts:

  • Theories and Methods for the Practical Psychic
  • Strange Impressions
  • But Stranger Still

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