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by Kenton Knepper

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Categories: General, Bizarre, Close Up, Mentalism, Philosophy
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It's a philosophy, it's a new approach, it's unlike most mentalism and magic, and you'll be glad that it is!

"Anti-tada is life changing. To me it's about life, love and connection with your fellow human beings. Game changer. Eye opener." Jesse James McGuire

You know the usual "ta-da!" type performers that make people crazy? Why be one of those people?

ANTI-TADA helps you make whatever you do more realistic.

More than a mere trickster, you will appear to be doing actual mentalism and magic while connecting with your audience and participants in a deep and meaningful way.

Of course, there are plenty of effects in this 80 page marvel.

Much of the material happens in the participant's hands or minds, making what you do seem entirely hands off and impossible.

Effects Include:

* A Real Symbolic Change where you prove you can feel the positive energy of someone in a coin, and help them change the energy, themselves and the coins in their hands.

* Anti-Daub a new concept allowing you to KNOW when someone has put their energy into a stone, coin, business card or table full of items. No peeks, shiners, secret helpers, heat, or the usual. An entirely one-person effect with loads of applications.

* Know Smoking You get someone who wants to stop smoking in your audience to instantly refuse to smoke and takes home a souvenir of their changed perception. Sure it's a trick, but an impressive one. Yes, it may even really work as well!

* The Allet-cat's Eye in which a stone or marble takes on the energy and color a participant envisions. A great keepsake of a memorable experience.

* Lost and Found a hit by Mark Townsend and Kenton Knepper at Finney's Dry Heat Classic 2012. A signed card Triumph that happens all without the performer touching the deck. Yes, the cards fix themselves visually in the person's hands as they shuffle!

* The LOVE Effect that makes any standard four of a kind trick into a romantic or universal experience.

* Tésera-emotions by Pablo Amirá in which participants find they are drawn outwardly to the emotions they have in mind. A memorable effect and indirect message.

* The “Ultimate Mentalism Secret” which provides both a lesson in history and the modern solutions you really should know and use if you are performing realistic Mind Reading. Kenton finally puts it all out there bluntly. Many try to sell this for large sums of money each year. Learn the real story of how to tell someone you have never met what their pet's name is, their best friend's name, something about the inside of their home, their car, their phone, what they ate yesterday, and a whole lot more. Kenton says, "It's not original. It's old as the hills. You either do this, and know all the details, or it is time that you do."

MUCH MORE. The real work is in the foundation of ANTI-TADA and the principles. The tricks and routines you might even consider bonuses.

With material from Kenton Knepper, Mark Townsend, Luca Volpe, Pablo Amirá, Craig Conley, a.k.a. Prof. Oddfellow, Danny Proctor.

This is no ordinary book. It will make you think in new ways about everything you do.

Sure it is revolutionary. It's about time.

What else would you expect from Kenton?

"I once was lost... but now am found... Not just another bag of tricks!" - John Charles Robinson

Peter "The Perceptionist" Turner Says:

"Kenton exemplifies in this piece of literature what is important in any performing scenario. If you take the time to read and take into account the messages in this book you will be a better performer for it!

Within the introduction there is a wealth of information but as Kenton so rightly points out many will skip this looking for effects. To do this would be foolish.

The effects in the book (all amazing I might add) are not what I found so wonderful about this piece of literature.

Many people will think an "Anti-tada" moment is to strip the WOW from an effect (which would be wrong). My interpretation of an "Anti-tada" moment is a moment that you create with your participants based on a natural phenomenon (like love). When the participants buy into the moment, they don't look for methods any more because it logically makes sense how it happened (I.E the power of love). The participants are still amazed that it happened and they got to witness it!

Have you ever seen something so beautiful on earth that it made you stop dead in your tracks? That is an 'Anti-tada' moment, it's there, it's happening and yet it is so breathtaking.

This is a different kind of WOW it lives with you forever.

For me this book is a book of seeds. There are many avenues and routes to take into consideration, use the principles to grow something wonderful.

My particular favourite thing inside the book is 'Kenton Loves Four of a Kind.' I know I am going use this.

There are also many wonderful contributions inside the book! I feel privileged to have read the real values this book contains.

I hope you too see the true values of what is blatantly staring you in the face."

- Peter Turner, Author of Devious Realities

Date Added: Jul 28th, 2014
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