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A Wonderful World Of Hand Shadows

by Raymond Crowe

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Categories: General, Stage
Media Type: Book
Format: Saddle-stitched

Product Description

  • Twenty hand shadows you can learn
  • Fourteen "fingercises" for your hands
  • Raymond Crowe's tips for better shadows
  • 34 illustrations showing exact hand positions
Raymond Crowe's beautiful hand shadow act featuring Louis Armstrong's "Its a Wonderful World" has been enchanting audiences around the globe.

Now you can perform your own hand shadows with Raymond's new book featuring twenty great shadows you can learn. The diagrams show the exact positions of your fingers...just shine a light and follow Raymond's hands.

A 28-page gem on full-color high-quality glossy paper, saddle-stitched, with a charming old-style design and a classic black-and-white photo frontispiece of Crowe and his hands.
Date Added: Dec 7th, 2007


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January 15th, 2009 9:48am
Reviewed by DonB!
Being a hand shadow performer for almost 12 years, I took interest that Mr. Crowe was putting out his shadows, and his philosophy on them. I was disappointed. There is very little in this booklet (by the ads, I was led to believe it was a larger BOOK) that has not seen print before. Many of the included shadows have appeared in the Henry Bursill books that I already own.

For $15.00, this may make an interesting souvenir after Raymond Crowe's show, but as a learning tool, I found it almost worthless.

Mr. Crowe is VERY creative, and I felt short-changed by this souvenir booklet being sold to magicians as a "learning tool".

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