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The Journey Review

January 13th, 2015 12:36am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
Intrigued as I've been for such a time with coins across,I was on the lookout for a contemporary handling. To read of the effect in Bobo started it all years ago. These days however, we all have the luxury of being able to watch many effects online, prior to purchase. So, it was the trailer of Lonnie Chevrie's 'The Journey' that caught my attention-and held it.

Production here satisfied any needs I have; live performance, real reactions, real INTERACTIONS, and clear easy to follow studio explanations. I am tempted to agree with David Parr here, regarding learning an effect from the magician's vantage point. When friends teach me a trick, I usually have to stop them, saying 'wait-get NEXT to me-I can't think in reverse!' Going through the routine, a fine point is how the fingers retain a coin covertly; where it needs to be, how it lives in the hand, however briefly.

This, is not shown, but walking through the routine is the only way to work that out. Chevrie uses large dollar coins here,
which only add impact to the effect; they sound impressive, and work perfectly with Chevrie's outfit and old western persona. The routine is naturally adaptable to half dollars, Chinese coins, or quarters. The latter requiring minor handling modifications. Perhaps my favorite point in the routine is the third coin passage. The hands weave in mid air, over and under, and the passage happens imperceptively. The final passage involves the spectators hand-and the cleanup is easy to arrive at. Each passage I may add, is a bit different from the last-and Chevrie adjusts each passage to the projected interest level of his audience. This may have come out of real working experience, or it may be a psychological ploy. Either way, the viewer is encouraged to watch even more closely, which they indeed will! And yet, the coin travels like vapor.

I find this to be a very comfortable, effective handling and see no reason to look much further. To me, Chevrie is like a warm, smooth glass of American Honey. His style, energy, and voice put me at ease-just a very relaxed, soothing style, and I think the guy would evoke this if he was a cinderblock salesman. I appreciate this kind of style, because it keeps all involved at ease. It's also a great approach to magic, because everyone's too relaxed to have any guards up. The teaching segments are utterly clear, and thorough.

The dvd includes Chevrie's handling of the Coin Funnel, which I chose not to learn because of the particular prop. Curiously, his audience for this trick didn't seem as enthusiastic as the folks he showed The Journey to. Valuable effect, but my not learning it has nothing to do with Chevrie, or his handling. I can't think of any reasons not to recommend this.

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Author: Lonnie Chevrie
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The Journey

Lonnie Chevrie takes you on a magical Journey with four silver coins. Your audience will be spellbound as they watch coins vanish, only to reappear moments later. Jaws will drop as the final coin seemingly vanishes from a spectator's own fingertips! This routine is strikingly visual, yet easy to perform. The requirements are simple: four coins and a matching gimmick that most magicians already own or can easily obtain from any magic dealer.


Included on this DVD is Lonnie Chevrie's Funneled. There is only one word to describe this effect: stunning. Three coins are passed through the small end of a funnel in a very magical manner. This closely - guarded routine has been Lonnie's repertoire for more than twenty-five years and is only now being released to the magic community for the first time.

"Lonnie Chevrie's The Journey is one of the cleanest, easy-to-follow four-coin routines that I have ever seen!"
-Pressley Guitar -Legendary Magician, and Creator of Fine Magic

"Staring at the midnight sky and feeling inspired, I picked up a rock and threw it at the moon. A strange thing happened; it made ripples. The difference between illusion and reality is that both are real until you know otherwise. Lonnie Chevrie has captured this secret and is sharing it with the rest of the world."
-Reed McClintock -Author, Inventor, and Urban Mage

Running Time Approximately 41min

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