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August 21st, 2014 5:55am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
This is an easy product to review but hard to rate - what you get is exactly what it says in the ad copy - a one-page instruction sheet, a card wallet and two "gimmicks". This is based on an old principle that most magicians will be familiar with, but I am not sure I have ever seen it used this way - very nice thinking!

The instructions are clear, well-written and easy to understand. Since these gimmicks are more of a utility than a singular effect or routine, the instructions are short and sweet.

The card wallet is actually very nice - I would not use it in performance because it does not suit me, but it is almost like the typical plastic packet trick wallet/case except this one has hard covers.

The "gimmicks" themselves are very well-made - while the "gimmicks" do not include any extra pieces and are in face made from a singular card, there are some delicate "parts" that you just have to take care not to damage. I keep putting quotes around the word "gimmick" because for all intents and purposes, they are very ordinary cards except for one thing.

This is not a strong enough effect to stand on its own and is better used as part of another effect or at some point in another routine. As such this is more of a utility than anything else, but the illusion is very cool and very good!

The ad copy is truthful and the only parts I might slightly challenge are the "nothing to break" and the statement that the card can be "openly removed". If you are not careful there are parts you can damage. To "openly remove" the cards you have to provide a little misdirection or cover or you will ruin the ending. Other than those two words, you can display the card freely in various ways provided you follow the 'requirements' outlined in the instructions.

It is up to you to figure out how to use this to get the most out of it and I was easily able to think of close to a dozen different ways to use and present it, even though I do not use Bicycle back cards any more. While I can understand the expense of having the "gimmicks" made, I am not sure whether the $25/USD price tag is justified or not. Just like with any product at any price point, you will have to decided whether the effect is worth it or not. Personally, I like the possibilities but I am on the fence about the price.

I recommend it if you like what you read - it is very versatile.

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Product info for Missing

Author: Frye, Charlie; Wong, Alan
Publisher: Alan Wong
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

MISSING is much more than just another gaffed card trick. It's an astonishing optical illusion, capable of dropping jaws and making head shake in disbelief, combining many of the very best features of strong close-up magic. It's simple, direct, extremely visual, and as much fun to perform as it is to watch. The icing on the cake is the fact that the moment of astonishment takes place in the spectator's hand.

  • Completely examinable
  • Nothing to break
  • No difficult handling
The stage is set with the asking of a question: "Have you ever seen magicians make cards appear and disappear? Well, I've been practicing that myself, and I've gotten so good in fact, that I've only got one left." Suiting actions to words, a card wallet is opened to reveal one solitary card. This is a good time to confess that you're not playing with a full deck.

This card is openly removed and can be casually tossed to the table, or held up on display.

Placing it between a spectator's palms, you now attempt to make the card vanish under impossible conditions. With no switch, and no funny moves - other than the ones you'd like to make - you announce with confidence that you've succeeded...sort of.

When the spectator opens his or her hands they'll find that you can honestly claim: "The Seven has now vanished... as have all the clubs."

As a result of your magical efforts, the spectator will be left holding the strangest card ever seen: a card completely devoid of its pips and numbers, which have now inexplicably gone MISSING. Markings that they would have sworn were there but a moment ago.

You're supplied with two cards with different identities, which have been designed with the utmost care and precision. Not only is this a fantastic close-up illusion, it's a fascinating optical illusion as well.

Comes complete with 2 gimmicked cards, card wallet and instruction sheet.

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