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McClintock Twist DVD Review

Official Review

December 1st, 2008 4:09am
Reviewed by David Parr
A truly innovative sleight is explained on this DVD. It’s a move that makes the classic “Twisting the Aces” seem quaint and old-fashioned. The McClintock Twist allows the performer to display four face-up cards, neatly square them, then spread them out again to show that a card has turned face down. The cards are squared again. When they are spread out, a second card has turned over. This is repeated until all four cards have reversed themselves. There are no gaffs, no false counts, and no cards are hidden during any of the displays. And while most packet effects have been performed with the cards held at waist level, the Twist move is best performed with the cards held up at chest level. This offers a more open display that doesn’t divide audience attention between the performer’s face and hands. It’s a big step forward.

The McClintock Twist is performed and explained by its creator, who does the move smoothly and flawlessly. Watching him perform this sleight is like watching ballet. Unfortunately, this gracefulness is missing from practically every other aspect of the presentation. Here’s a sample:

“Have you ever seen or met a real psychic? Neither have I, but I heard that people can, you know, it’s like someone who can predict the future. What if I were to tell you I can kind of predict the future but not as a true psychic, but I can create the illusion I’m using a sixth sense, if you will. Would you believe that?”

Oddly, this turns into a routine about a queen with a club foot. McClintock says “You’re thinking, how does that have anything to do with psychic ability? Well, that’s why I’m turning the tables on you.” At which point, he spreads the cards to show that one has reversed itself.

Does that make any sense? Do those ideas fit together to form a coherent whole? What are the chances that any of the presentation was scripted?

And that’s just the beginning. The explanations are just as rambling and imprecise as the performances. It’s evident that no planning or preparation went into the task of teaching this material. Even the person running the camera has no idea how to accurately use the zoom function.

When addressing the subject of angle limitations in the method”and there are limitations”McClintock insists that the angles are not as limited as some magicians have argued. He comes back to this subject toward the end of the video. In both instances he just gestures to indicate how far he thinks the angles are covered. He does this in spite of the fact that he’s standing in a room with a video camera running! All he had to do was turn his body and perform the sleight to show us how the angles look. Needless to say, this is not using the video medium to its full potential.

At the beginning of the video, during the initial explanation of the Twist, McClintock recommends lowering the hands to waist level. “We’re using gravity as a learning tool,” he says. “It helps you learn the move. You’ll save a lot of time.” At the end of the video, he contradicts this advice. With his hands at waist level, he says “And don’t practice like this, as far as this way. It’s no good. Doesn’t help you out.”

Just when the viewer might assume that the mixed messages are over, the video concludes with a note for the fans. These words appear in capital letters on the screen:

“The following credits I am not telling titles because I am not doing all of your research for you. Please purchase all of their available material. You will learn so much!!!”

This is followed by a list of names, such as Ryan Swiggert, Curtis Kam and Alex Elmsley. Gee, thanks! I understand that it was only for my own good that the producers of this video chose not to include proper credits, and I appreciate the fact that they did it in such a condescending way!

The Twist move itself is beautiful. If you buy this DVD to learn the sleight”and there’s really no other reason to buy this DVD”do yourself a favor: turn off the sound or skip to the “Recap” scenes, in which the actions are demonstrated in a close-up shot with music in the background. The move is actually easier to learn when there is nothing to detract from appreciating its elegance.
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Author: Reed McClintock
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"The McClintock twist is one of the great innovations in False counting of the last several decades."
- Richard Kauffman - Genii Magazine

"A most beautiful and artistically created card effect, completely fluid"
- Juliana Chen

Whether you are young or old, Reed's latest innovations in card work are a must have for your repertoire. Reed McClintock's audience acclaim can be yours! Since the McClintock Twist's first introduction, this sleight and the routines contained on this DVD have become a main part of Reed McClintock's Internationally acclaimed magic act. Not only will you learn the handing of the McClintock Twist, Reed shares new never revealed illusions and a handling so diabolical that if used correctly will make your magic more than memorable. This illusion can be mastered in a few minutes and perfected over a lifetime.

Illusion One: Just the Twist
This illusion is comprised of the basic twist and a way to do the classic twisting of the Aces. Of course using no gaffs or extra cards. It is also done vertically rather than the traditional waist level view.

Illusion Two: Reed Picks His Pockets
Quite possibly the finest pick your own pocket routine ever devised. Reed picks his own pockets. A routine so clever and sneaky that even the keenest of minds have been totally baffled. The technology being applied is so straightforward and inspiring you have to see it to believe it. This is a full show piece, so much magic happens in a non confusing way that this routine is said to be worth the whole price of the DVD alone.

Illusion Three: Spots
One of the most artistic pieces of magic you have ever seen. Four white cards are shown with spots about the size of half dollars on them. One at a time the spots move to the outer corners of each card. The cards are rotated 180 degrees and now the spots from the corners join to make one big spot in the middle. If you've asked yourself what is a trick to get a great gig or a new booking, this DVD is for you. This illusion can be done with company logos, letters to form words, images to create other images and so much more. The possibilities are limited by only your imagination.

Running Time Approximately 60min

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