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Overlap (With DVD, Cards, And Jumbo Cards) Review

Official Review

August 24th, 2006 10:58am
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
Joshua Jay's Overlap package is one of the best values in magic that I've encountered in quite a while. Provided that you like card tricks--and it's hard not to like the classic plots that Overlap allows you to perform--I think there's a good chance you'll agree with me.

First off, you get a generous supply of well-made gaffs. Although they are all based on the same principle, the seven gaffs give you lots of different effects to choose from. You also get a jumbo-sized version of the basic gaff, along with one full routine for stand-up performance. It's a rather pedestrian routine, but Jay has amply provided the raw materials for you to create something of your own.

Overlap also includes a 144 book that exhibits many thoughtful touches. As Jay explains in the foreword, he's organized the book so that experienced magicians can quickly find the effects they're interested in without having to decipher clever, but obfuscating, titles. The book's production is pretty good--the lay-flat binding is a nice touch--but the design could certainly be improved. The typography reminds me of the old mimeographed pamphlets from Magic, Inc. That said, there are many clear and helpful photographs, each placed within the flow of the text, exactly where they're needed. Jay's writing style has been honed by his years with Magic magazine and I had no trouble following his instructions.

But you get even more for your $35, you also get a DVD of performances and demonstrations, all so you can see the nuances in timing and handling that the Overlap gaff requires. This strikes me as the perfect balance between video and written instruction, exploiting each for their individual strengths. It would be great to see others follow Jay's lead in this regard.

So, unless you have an aversion to using gaffs, you'll likely find something in Overlap that you can use. And even if you don't, I hope you'll appreciate the coherency of the package and the obvious care given in putting it together. If only that could be said about more magic products today.

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Product info for Overlap (With DVD, Cards, And Jumbo Cards)

Author: Joshua Jay
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Following the success of Joshua Jay's Magic Atlas, Josh returns with an amazing series of effects utilizing his Overlap Gimmick. You'll learn contemporary and visually striking renditions of:

  • The Homing Card
  • Assemblies & Reverse Assemblies
  • Twisting Routines
  • Open Travelers
  • Collectors
  • The Tunnel Effect
  • & MORE (approximately 20 effects included).
Best of all, most of these effects are within the reach of the average performer, and most end clean! Overlap is an exciting kit including the 144 page booklet (with 180 clear photographs), a performance paced DVD (so you can see the effects in action), seven Bicycle Poker-sized gimmicks, and four Jumbo cards. Everything you need to perform these wonders!

"Joshua Jay's transcendent creations with the overlap gaff threatens to make all sorts of card stuff obsolete. This is probably a good thing!"
- Paul Harris

"Overlap contains many great effects. Card men will have no trouble finding several miracles in Josh's new book to fool one and all!"
- Gary Plants

"He is the future of magic, and he scares me because he is so good!"
- Lennart Green

Pages 144
DVD Running Time Approximately 36min
Jumbo Cards Approximately 7" x 4 1/2" (18cm x 11cm)
Poker Cards Approximately 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" (9cm x 6.5cm)

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