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Time Is Money Review

Official Review

August 20th, 2006 6:07pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
The dealer description of Time Is Money is loaded with superlatives but doesn't tell you too much about the trick. So, here is the effect in a nutshell:

You borrow a bill from a spectator, which can be any denomination that you've anticipated in advance, and have the bill signed. You fold up the borrowed bill, along with a matching bill from your wallet, and eventually show that the spectator's money has disappeared. Too bad for them, they should have watched more closely. After an uncomfortable pause, you point out that their signed bill is tucked under their very own wristwatch.

Not exactly earth-shaking magic, particularly when it's wrapped with such a non-presentation, but the mechanics of the routine are well thought out. Personally, I found the "bonus" routines more compelling than the showcased presentation, but it's really just the same trick cast in different roles.

In the performance video, Asi adds a watch steal as a kicker. This isn't explained on the DVD, which might disappoint some purchasers, but for me it just underlined that even the creator feels this trick lacks something. The production value of the DVD is much higher than the usual magic fare, and its very easy to learn the routine from Asi's precise instructions, but the trick could have easily been conveyed in writing as part of a book or magazine article. There's nothing about the handling that requires video, and in my opinion, the DVD makes the trick harder to learn due to the glacial pace and time-filling voice over that's necessary every time the bill folding is demonstrated. It will take you nearly an hour to watch this DVD whereas reading the trick in print would take just a few minutes.

If you don't mind paying $35 for a single trick, and you like the effect, you won't feel ripped off. There's enough attention to detail here that all you need to add is your own presentation. And maybe a kicker ending.

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Product info for Time Is Money

Author: Asi Betesh
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

"The best thing I saw at MAGIC Live!"
- Paul Harris

"You totally, TOTALLY, fooled me!!!"
- Chris Kenner

"The best money routine I have seen."
- Jeff Hobson

On this much requested and anticipated new DVD, Asi explains, in great detail, his original routine that will enable you to make a spectator's bill vanish from your fingertips and reappear underneath his own wrist watch! Featuring handling details kept under wraps until now. As well as bonus routines, "Morph", "2 Bad" (Angelo Carbone), "Crumpled" (Harel), "Bill To Change", and the stage handling for "Time Is Money".

Running Time Approximately 44min

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