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Fans, Flourishes, and False Shuffles Review

Official Review

August 19th, 2006 4:08pm
Reviewed by P.T. Murphy
“Having seen countless numbers of card experts execute for over eighty years, I consider Richard Turner to be by far the most skillful. He performs the most difficult moves with the greatest ease.”
-- Dai Vernon

Richard Turner is the best card man I have ever seen. His ability to perform the most complicated moves under performance situations is just unbelievable.

What you read is what you get. This DVD delivers on what it details on the package. Richard teaches you his flourishes with cards and coins. In the Retro Magic segment he teaches a One-Handed Triumph, a four card Do-as-I-do puzzle, and his Matrix Routine that ends with a five pound gold piece! Learning these routines is well worth the $25.00 you will spend on this DVD.

On this moderately priced DVD Richard shares a great wealth of information. I see "Fans, Flourishes and False Shuffles" as a supplement to his other DVDs that really get into the nitty gritty of card handling. If you are thinking of picking up this DVD I would seriously consider picking up "Best of Bottoms" and "The Cheat". (Perhaps somebody will put all of these out in a box set?)


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Author: Richard Turner
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Retail Price: $25.00
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Richard Turner has been making his living as a performer for 33 years, performing more than 70,000 shows for lay audiences. In this 105 minute DVD, Richard reveals some of the fans, flourishes, and false shuffles that he has employed to bring "visual punch" to his remarkable routines. The visual artistry taught by Richard range from simple to advanced.

Each manipulation is shown in real time, then in slow motion, and then followed by a step by step explanation.

Sixteen flourishes are taught, many of them original to Richard, such as the Asa Spades Fan, Cross Faro Fan, and the One-Hand Shuffle. Using flourishes to control cards is also exposed with Turner's Assembly Line Shuffle, One-Handed Triple Cut with Back Flip, and the Longitudinal One-Handed Shuffle Strip Out.

For the coin magicians, Richard has included a segment outlining 12 ways to juggle coins, including the eight coin roll and two coins going opposite directions on the same hand. In the Retro Magic segment, you will learn Richard's One-Handed Triumph, a baffling four card Do-as-I-do puzzle, and his Matrix Routine that ends with a five pound gold piece! All this and old footage from past performances make this DVD a must for any collector of magic.

"Technicians as a rule are not usually good actors or entertainers. Richard Turner is all three."
- Ed Marlo, 1978 -

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