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Mindreading 101 Review

Official Review

August 8th, 2006 11:35pm
Reviewed by P.T. Murphy
The product description for Mind Reading 101 says it all. There really is nothing earth-shattering as far as presentation or effect is concerned. Mind Reading 101 is a "complete comedy mentalism collection" that does not win points for originality. In their favor, Black Rabbit Magic does provide a very honest assessment of the effect in their product detailing, informing you in advance as to what you are buying.

You receive NINE very well produced comedy predictions and one very large "real" prediction. The print quality is awesome. The predictions are printed on high quality paper with glare-free matte finish. These props will add a very professional look to your show.

That said, if you are the type of performer who relies on their own talent and originality to create magic routines then Mind Reading 101 is NOT for you. If, however, you are into cheap gags and goofy humor, well, then these props will make you look like a million bucks.

I give Mind Reading 101 three stars for honesty in advertising and quality of props.

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Product info for Mindreading 101

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Manufacturer's Description:

A complete comedy mentalism collection with a kicker ending!

Nine laugh-packed predictions!

Use just one… or all of them!

Huge 11" x 14" size cards (plus one 18" x 24" poster)!

Quality photography and design.

Glare-free matte finish.

Nothing earth-shattering here: we’ve simply created stunning versions of these classic gag predictions and turned them into a complete routine with a magical ending.

You tell your audience that you've enrolled in "Mindreading 101," a mail-order course for psychics. To try out what you've learned, you propose a few experiments with the spectators.

You begin by having a card selected and returned to the deck but decide to try a few more advanced tests. The audience is now treated to as many of these funny pseudo-predictions as you see fit.

When the laughs and groans subside, you return to the spectator's card. You show a large white image and claim that it's the selected card in the midst of a blizzard. But you quickly explain that you always have to look at the big picture, as you unfold the picture into a giant 18" x 24" poster of the spectator's chosen card and accept your applause for finally performing a truly magical prediction.

All these great-looking images are printed on high-quality stock in a giant 11" by 14" size that even the largest audience can see with ease. Plus they're coated with a matte finish that won't reflect the spotlight.

You'll receive:

  • The Baby Gag: The spectator names any celebrity and your prediction shows the chosen a baby. And if they choose a celebrity of African-American or Asian descent, you're ready!

  • The Bar Code: An audience member selects any common supermarket product and its price. Your prediction is correct, since it's a large-scale price code.

  • 52 Cards: Any card named matches your prediction...a photo of a spread of the entire deck.

  • Around-the-World Trip: The volunteer names a city, and remarkably, you show it on the other side of the a complete world map.

  • Birthday Prediction: Any date selected is in this 12-month calendar.

  • The "No" Card: "Do you have any idea what word is on this card?" you ask. "No? That's correct!" you exclaim as you reveal the word "NO."

  • "Your Name": You ask, "Would you be surprised if your name was printed on the other side?" The card, of course, states "YOUR NAME."

  • Sanskrit: Predict the name of a corporate officer or any well-known movie or book...and it's found on the other side in the ancient language of Sanskrit!

Mindreading 101 comes to you complete with all prediction cards, giant card prediction poster, and complete full-color instructions.

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