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Stand-up Magic For Kids DVD Review

Official Review

August 5th, 2006 2:30pm
Reviewed by P.T. Murphy
Bill Abbott is a wonderful performer out of Canada. His routines are well thought out, the handlings are very simple and his presentations are magical and entertaining. If you are serious about entertaining children I strongly recommend checking out this DVD.

But be warned!

The REAL secrets are not just in the effects Mr. Abbott presents on this DVD. Oh sure, “The Sponge Ball” snack will have kids wide eyed with amazement, “The Thing” is mysterious and magical and gosh darn it if “Chico the Mind Reader” is not worth the price of this DVD.

Watching Bill perform and listening to the explanation of these effects is where you will learn the most. If you pay close attention you may pick up a thing or two on timing, scripting and delivery.

I did.

We all remember the first magic performance we saw. For some of us it was this first performer that inspired us to become magicians. As a children's performer I think we owe it to the children we entertain to provide them with the most magical experience we can. Bill Abbott shares his ideas and opinions on how to do just that.

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Author: Bill Abbott
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Manufacturer's Description:

Bill Abbott has entertained audiences across North America and Western Europe with the magic on this DVD for over 19 years. Now you can experience the original, magical, and very funny stand-up magic for kids that Bill has honed through years of tough experience. Recorded at a resort in front of a live audience witness material that was developed in the trenches of the birthday party circuit and perfected in tours across Canada and the United Kingdom. These routines have the practicality and the versatility that have lasted almost two decades of solid performances. Beyond the performances are the careful details that make up the construction, set-up, and delivery of each of these treasured routines.

Performed and Explained on this DVD are...

  • The Sponge Snack - when touring across Canada Bill performed this silent opener 110 times in 90 days! Develop an instant rapport with audiences with this humorous routine that non-verbally communicates that your show will be fun, magical, and full of surprises.

  • The Thing - Practical, one-man levitations are few and far between. Bill has created a reputation-making miracle that can be performed ANYWHERE. From the smallest living room the largest theatre stage to the most stringent street conditions. The Thing can float in any performing situation with your audience viewing from any angle.

  • Chico the Mind Reader - For those who have witnessed a performance of Chico know the revelation of this routine is worth the price of the DVD. Bill has booked more shoes from this one routine than any other in his repertoire. The explanation segment is a virtual course in the creation, development, and performance of your own original puppet routine. Included are two bonus routines and additional ideas for both family and adult audiences.

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