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Third Degree Burn Review

Official Review

August 5th, 2006 2:35pm
Reviewed by P.T. Murphy
In the early 80’s I was fortunate enough to see Tony Andruzzi perform an effect whereby a blister magically appeared on his fingers. When Tony performed this effect it was weird and dramatic. I had forgotten about the idea until I picked up Jason Palter’s “Third Degree Burn”.

TDB is an Any Card at Any Time effect that climaxes with a thought of card “blistered” onto the fingers of the magician. The great thing about TBD is that that there are no forces, the gimmick can be carried with you at all times, and it resets instantly. Did I mention that the spectator merely thinks of a card?

With your purchase of TBD you receive a wonderfully produced DVD and a 12 page instruction booklet. You also receive very well constructed gimmick. Both the DVD and the instruction book provide clear and concise instructions. Your host on the DVD is Jason Palter. Jason does a great job of guiding you through the workings of this effect.

“Third Degree Burn” is not an effect that you will be able to take out of the package and perform right away. You will need to work with the gimmick. The great thing is that the TBD gimmick fits comfortably in your jacket or pants pocket, providing you with the opportunity to practice on the go.

If there is one minor drawback with TBD, it is that Jason seems to underplay the dramatic possibilities of this effect. The presentation on the DVD is about the cards and not about the dramatic way the blister is formed on the magician’s hand as he “plucks” the spectator’s thoughts from an open flame.

I don’t think that TBD needs to be played as a piece of Bizarre magic, but the potential for a heavier, darker tone is certainly there.

“Third Degree Burn” is well produced. The gimmick is easy to use and will last a lifetime. The effect produced is visual, magical and very surprising. “Third Degree Burn” sells for $55 dollars. I think it is well worth the price.

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Product info for Third Degree Burn

Author: Jason Palter
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $55.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

"Don't just let them have it - give'em the Third Degree."

Third Degree Burn is the most mysterious, no force, impossible and versatile blister effect you've ever done. Imagine flipping-out a spectator when a blister of any card they name appears on your finger and thumb!

It's The Invisible Deck without the cards - and with more HEAT!


You approach a group of people, and ask someone to think of a card, and then name it aloud. It can be any card they wish. There is no force. The subject is asked to truly visualize the card in their head-to burn this into their mind, you give them a lighter (or just borrow theirs). After igniting the lighter, they are asked to visualize their card in the dancing flame. You briefly thrust your fingers into the flame, wincing with pain. For the jaw-dropping climax, you slowly turn your fingers around, to reveal the skin on your thumb and finger is now blistered in the shape of their freely-chosen card! You've just given'em the third degree!

Some key points to remember:

  • No deck of cards required.
  • No forcing; works with any card named.
  • Can be carried with you at all times, fits in your pocket, and is always ready to go.
  • No reset (again, it is ALWAYS ready to go)!
  • Harmless - but it does look dangerous!
Comes complete and ready to go with the professional custom gimmick (made to last a lifetime), instructional DVD, detailed manuscript, full routine, and bonus effects (including ideas that DO NOT require the use of fire!).

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