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Enigmatic Volume 2 Review

Official Review

August 1st, 2006 10:42am
Reviewed by P.T. Murphy
I like the way Alexander de Cova thinks. On the outside he looks like your everyday ordinary, eccentric, avant-garde Bavarian magician. But underneath that well manicured European exterior resides the mind of… an eccentric, avant-garde Bavarian magician.

In this two part series produced by Magikraft Studios, de Cova puts his spin on several classic effects. All of these accomplished with some not so classic methods.

Enigmatic Volume One:

The first moment of his multi-phase “Roping” really got me! When I saw the explanation I just had to laugh. So simple and yet so gosh darned effective. “Premonition” is a devilishly clever handling of the “Any Card at Any Number” plot that really fried me!

Alexander de Cova collects ideas from past masters and twists them into effects that will definitely find there way into your repertoire.

I can see “Beer Game” playing very well at a cocktail party, but you will have to simplify the presentation. “Master Silks” and “Stab in the Dark” are wonderful as well, but I don’t think their presentation on this video did them justice. Please don’t discount these effects. The ideas and the thinking that went into these routines is what makes them valuable. If you don't actually perform some of these routines I guarantee that you will nick an idea or two and create your own!

Enigmatic Volume Two:

Ah! I forgot about the “Miser’s Dream”. The coin production idea he shares on this DVD is worth the price you will pay for volume two. It is an old idea that we needed to be reminded of. I really liked “Boxed Transposition”. His clever little twist at the end really fooled me. “Porous Plastic” got me off of my feet and into my kitchen for the necessary props. This will find its way into many of our repertoires. “Bean Counter” is a perfect piece of commercial mentalism for the person who is willing to do the work. Forte X and Ground Hog Day both contain some great ideas as well.

The ideas presented in both volumes are wonderful and inspiring. The production of the DVDs in this set is a little on the homemade side. But who cares. What they lack in production values they make up for in eccentric, avant-garde Bavarianisms. I would like to keep some of these ideas for myself. But I can’t, as Martin Lewis has produced these DVDs to sell. I suggest grabbing yourself a couple.

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Author: Alexander DeCova
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Manufacturer's Description:

We filmed eccentric Bavarian Magic Alexander de Cordova perform, when he made his only lecture here in America. Later we got him aside and he revealed in detail the methods, history, and thinking behind the dozen knockout effects on the two ENIGMATIC volumes.

Alex's unconventional ideas for parlour and platform, are audience tested and perfected over many years. His way of avoiding complicated methods by means of ingenious simplicity will keep surprising you.

Watch real avant-garde magic from the non-conformist mind of Europe's best, Alexander de Cova.

No sleight of hand method can match this extraordinary illusion that Alexander has created for this effect.

A signed card flies to cardscase while both are in full view. Then comes a real puzzle climax.

Whatever card your spectators are thinking of, you have it already predicted! A real stunner!

Three silver dollars penetrate a clear plastic ziplock three times. Can also be donewith cookies for the kiddies

Experimental magic based on deja vu. Experimental magic based on deja vu.

Can the audience guess how many beans are in a jar? Yep! Right down to the last bean. What a lucky crowd.

Running Time
Approximately 75min

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