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Pro Carrier Case Review

Official Review

July 25th, 2006 9:10am
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
I bought a Pro Carrier at Joshua Jay's lecture in San Jose. Having used it for two years I've found that it holds up quite well and is very useful. It's not expensive, so I hesitate to call it an investment, but of all the money you might spend on magic this is something that has a lot more lasting benefit than the latest packet trick that everyone is talking about online.

The dealer description is accurate, so you won't find too many surprises once you own the case. It is perfectly sized and well-made. (And considering that Jay designed this case when he was a youngster, quite well considered.)

If I could I change one thing about it, however, it's the velcro that holds the flap-cover shut. Velcro is low-class and tends to stop gripping after many uses. Oh, and one final thought, wearing this case on your belt might not be the best fashion move you could make. (OK, so maybe I should take back what I said about the prescience of the young Jay.)

What else can be said about a carrying case? If you think you'd use it, buy one. The Carrier Case doesn't suck.

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Author: Jay, Joshua
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Manufacturer's Description:

This high-quality, black leather case lets you carry your cards, coins, rubber bands, business cards and other gimmicks in style. The Pro Carrier has received rave reviews and is in use by some of the industry's top professionals. It contains two compartments large enough for a deck of cards or packet tricks, a zippered section that will fit silver dollars and two clear pockets for your business cards. Fitting comfortably inside a trouser pocket, the Pro Carrier is the perfect way to keep your props organized and protected.

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