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Glass Box Effect Prediction Review

Official Review

July 25th, 2006 9:09am
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
Here's what you get for your money--an ungimmicked plastic box and a 25 page manuscript printed on red paper (so you can't easily photocopy it, I presume).

Well, those are the physical artifacts you get when you buy The Glass Box Headline Prediction. What you get in terms of knowledge and advice is quite a bit more.

The writing isn't fancy, nor is the layout, but the manuscript covers every aspect of the effect that I can think of, and there are numerous tips and hints scattered throughout. It could be improved by better production values, and by eliminating about 600 words devoted to how exclusive and fabulous these techniques are (also seen in the dealer description), but if you're used to publications for mentalists you will be numb to this kind of prattle. (How unfortunate that more care and editing wasn't given to such an otherwise interesting work.)

Let me be clear. I have not attempted to perform this effect, but I read the manuscript carefully and found, by the end, that I wasn't left with any unanswered questions about the method, suggested presentation, or staging. It's all here, but pulling it off will require a large investment in time, chutzpah, and rehearsal. This is not a trick for the hobby magician, but if you're a working pro and want to build a reputation for psychic ability, and feel the price is worth the investment, it's well worth considering. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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Product info for Glass Box Effect Prediction

Author: Devin Knight and Al Mann
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Manufacturer's Description:

Back in 1986 Devin Knight who performed as a professional psychic shocked the world with a headline prediction that involved the Newfoundland Plane crash that killed over 200 people. The prediction had been held by a state senator. News of this went worldwide and the story was carried in over 2000 newspapers. In the history of magic NO HEADLINE prediction had ever garnered this much attention. The closest thing was the Robert Nelson Prediction of the Ages but even it didn't come close to TV, radio, and newspaper that this prediction made.

Even to this day magicians and mentalists still talk about the 1986 prediction. It made magic history. All this caught the attention of the renowned mentalist Al Mann and as a result he and Devin became close friends and worked on improving headline predictions to make them even better. Al Mann wrote a book called the Incredible Feats of Jason Michaels and teased mentalists with the effect but refused to tip the secret. Part of Devin's method was revealed in the rare Al Mann glass box manuscript of which only a handful are known to exist. Devin sold his original copy on eBay for $600.00 a few years ago.

The methods included are ADVANCED glass box techniques that Devin and Al Mann secretly developed and Devin used to fool reporters around the world. This information goes far beyond the original glass box manuscript and describes some of magic's closest guarded secrets.

After 15 years, Devin is finally tipping part of the secret in this release. Over the years Devin has been offered thousands of dollars by top mentalists for the information now available to you. Here is the effect as seen by the audience:

Mentalist arrives at a VIP, hopefully a high government official with a small clear plastic box. Inside the box are 3 slips of paper, each seen to be separate from the others. The slips are of different colors and folded. The clear box is sealed with tape and the VIP signs his name on the tape so the box can't be tampered with. He keeps this box in his possession and TRUTHFULLY, neither the magician nor secret assistant ever touches the box again, even during the show!

On the day of the show the VIP brings the glass box to the show. The performer explains that the box contains predictions made 2 weeks ago. The VIP brings the box on stage and verifies it has not been touched or tampered with in any way, shape, or form by anyone since in his possession. To verify the predictions, the performer calls for two people in the audience to come on stage. To insure these are random people and not stooges, balls are tossed into the audience and two people come on stage. The audience can see the slips in the clear box and THE SLIPS NEVER LEAVE SIGHT OF THE AUDIENCE.

One of the two spectators names any number from 1 to 52 and the second volunteer deals to that card and reveals it. The VIP reaches into the box and pulls out the green slip and written on it is the card just named. The first spectator freely selects any book (no force). He hands this to the 2nd spectator. The first person names any number from the pages in the book (FREE CHOICE), and the 2nd spectator turns to that page and thinks of ANY WORD on the page, not the first word, but any word and calls it out. The VIP reaches into the box and removes the yellow slip and written on that slip is the word just called by the person chosen by tossing balls into the audience. PERFORMER NEVER TOUCHES THE SLIPS; THE VIP REMOVES THEM FROM THE CLEAR BOX, opens them and reads the prediction and then hands it to the two spectators to verify. This is baffling beyond words and has fooled some of the biggest names in magic! Now for the killer kicker ending:

The VIP removes the last slip in the box and opens it. IT IS SEEN TO HAVE BEEN NOTARIZED with an official stamp and seal. The VIP opens the slip and reads it. It contains 3 HEADLINE PREDICTIONS that are 100% correct, and they have been notarized two weeks earlier! During this time the magician stands on the other side of the stage, NEVER TOUCHING THE BOX NOR THE SLIPS OF PAPER!

The press and VIP can take the notarized slip to the notary the next day and he will verify he READ and NOTARIZED this slip 2 weeks ago! The article in the paper will show a photo of the slip and the statement from the notary.

Nothing looks tricky, and this effect is so strong after doing it you will soon get a reputation for being the real thing. This is one of the most baffling prediction effects in the world! This has been held a closely guarded secret with only a handful of people in the world knowing the secret, until now!

This uses some of the most ingenious and devious methods ever devised and could only be created by the joint team of Devin Knight and Al Mann. This information has NEVER appeared in print before and shows the inner thinking of Devin Knight & Al Mann.

You receive the acrylic box (roughly 4" X 4" X 3"), color paper slips, and a detailed manuscript revealing all the inner workings that Devin used for over 6 years as a professional psychic, including a BONUS EFFECT!

This release will also show you the latest breakthroughs with this method. This will include how you can have an actual FOLDED CARD in the box instead of a slip. The folded card when removed from the box will match the card the 2 spectators mutually selected. This makes for better visibility to the audience and will PUZZLE those who may be familiar with Al Mann's original 3 slip method.

There are several workings given from the simple to the more complex that can result in worldwide publicity for the right person. In this kit you will also see some of the publicity that the Associated Press gave this trick worldwide.

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