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Tricky Business DVD Review

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April 5th, 2006 9:37pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
I'm assuming, since you're reading this review at My Lovely Assistant, that you're a magician. If that's true, this DVD really isn't for you. Instead, this DVD is for your spouse, friend, or co-worker who has a casual, but motivated, interest in learning a little magic for social and business situations.

Learning magic from a book is challenging, it requires careful study and experimentation, plus the ability to visualize how the trick will appear in the end, so you can select the ones that are appealing to you and within your skill level. That takes quite a bit of effort, too much effort for someone whose interest may be only cursory and their motivation tenable, at best. This DVD is a pretty good solution to all of these obstacles.

With an investment of less than an hour, and only 20 dollars, your friend can view 22 different tricks, decide which ones they like, then learn just the ones they like. The performances are fast-paced, and the instructions very lightweight, but the camera work is good, the production generally quite slick (despite some sound level problems), and the price is certainly reasonable. The DVD navigation is a little awkward to use, if you want to view a specific trick you have to figure out which chapter it's in, then continually press Skip, but the tricks are simple enough that repeat viewings aren't likely to be too frequent.

But, I hope that you won't just thrust this DVD upon your friend and leave them to their own devices. While Jay Alexander is enthusiastic and personable, nearly all of the effects are presented as stunts, and there are no tips about how to sell the magic, nor any mention of trouble spots to watch out for, such as angles or other limitations that will tip the methods. That's unfortunate, so stick around and help your friend out with the "real work" of magic, won't you?

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Looking for a great way to break the ice in business and social situations? Want to put a little show in your business? Wish you had that magic touch to hold an audience's attention?

Using everyday objects, Tricky Business teaches 22 easy-to-perform magic tricks guaranteed to amaze friends and clients! Executives, sales-people, speakers, and all business professionals will find that a little magic will add fun to meetings and enhance presentations.

Handing out your card has never been so much fun!

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