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Royal Flush of Hearts Review

Official Review

November 5th, 2005 6:58pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
If you're looking for a sensical, deceptive, and innovate packet trick; keep looking. Royal Flush of Hearts is not what you seek.

The dealer description is more than a bit kind, so let me describe how this trick really appears, using some of the suggested patter provided in the one-A4 page, double-sided, instruction sheet, and my own notes.

"I have here a small packet of cards--actually quite a few--but I don't have a full deck. That's because these cards are a bit special."

You actually have 26 Bicycle-backed cards. Some of them are gaffed or specially printed.

"Let's use them for an experiment. I'll show you something with the four eights."

You set aside almost all of the cards. Those will be used in the kicker-finish, which we'll get to shortly.

"Did I say eights? Oh, well, I'll use the four aces like all the other magicians."

Apparently this line is intended to lay the groundwork for the fickle changes that follow. After this, one of the aces changes suit, then all of the aces change into the same suit.

"It's not a great trick, but it's not bad."

"How about a king?"

Now three of the aces change into kings, and you put the last ace into your pocket because, well, "that's one ace too many." Whatever that's supposed to mean.

Next, the kings change into a royal flush of hearts, but since you have only four cards, the ten of hearts is missing.

"Since I'm missing the ten card, I'll give you a little bonus."

Here, you turn over the four flush cards and show that they have "crazy" back designs. The designs consist of muted colors and distorted cut-ups of the standard Bicycle back. In my opinion, they look more like printing mistakes than thoughtfully-executed designs. But, they certainly are unique.

But wait, there's more. Now you pick up that 20-odd card packet that you set aside when the trick started and reveal that it consists entirely of, you guessed it, the 10 of hearts cards! Of course, you didn't show these cards at the beginning, and they've been sitting ignored throughout the rest of the routine, but somehow this is intended as a surprise kicker ending.

So, dear reader, that's what this trick is all about. If you can construct a reason for all of these changes, and justification for the handling, then you'll be taking it further than the creator bothered to do. Personally, I think it would have better suited as a magazine contribution, held in reserve for when the editor needed some filler, instead of a nearly $20 dealer item. On the other hand, if you've always wanted a one-way deck of the ten of hearts, you'll be almost halfway to your goal if you buy this trick. That's about the only thing of merit I can think to say.

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Author: Dominique Duvivier
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Manufacturer's Description:

The four aces magically change into four aces of the same suit; then one of them turns into king; and then all of them turn into a royal flush (except the ten is missing). Suddenly, each of the royal-flush cards are shown to have different, colorful back designs. For the kicker, all of the cards in the packet are shown to be tens of hearts. Everything can be examined.

Effect includes complete illustrated instructions and beautifully printed Bicycle brand cards.ยจ

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