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Alladin Review

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August 9th, 2005 11:55pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
This is a visually-interesting packet trick that isn't very well described by the dealer, or even by the author, so let me see if I can't put it in words.

You begin by showing a "very special" packet of cards, without specifying exactly how many you hold. You demonstrate the cards are red-back Bicycles, then they suddenly change to "negative"-backed (black-on-white) Bicycle cards. The audience now sees that what you're holding is 4 Eight of Clubs, as the cards magically turn face-up in the packet. You turn the cards over to show that they've changed back to red-Bicycles, then they once again revert to being black-backed. A bit more counting as the cards flip face-up again, then gradually turn into "brightly-colored"-backed cards. (More on this later in the review.) Then, the backs change to a "muted-color" back design, so you put them away saying "Things are getting a bit complicated, so I'd better move on to another trick."

Complicated, indeed. Oh, the methodology is straightforward enough. I lost track of how many Elmsley counts are performed, but I'm struggling to find any meaning or motivation behind the madcap color shifting. (And don't ask me how the name of the trick, Aladdin, ties in at all.) The only significant patter line provided in the one-page (printed both sides) instructions is the one I quoted above.

Illustrated with nine photos, the trick is described well enough. You'll need to know the Elmsley Count, which is not described, but you do get a brief description of Vernon's Through The Fist Flourish, and a decent description of the Duvivier Count.

You get a packet of six cards, five of which are gimmicked or specially printed. They're high-quality, but the two "bright" and "muted" back designs look more like a printing mishap than a carefully executed design. But, they're distinct from the regular back designs, which is really the point here.

If you're a packet trick aficionado or collector, you'll probably be OK with this. If you're not, it will give you a chance to practice your Elmsley Count.

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Author: Dominique Duvivier
Average Rating:  (2)
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Manufacturer's Description:

Alladin from Mayette Magie Moderne

With a few cards, you can accomplish amazing things! Take a small packet of cards and make them seem as if they are constantly changing without introducing any new cards to the packet! 4 ordinary cards become several different cards, four at a time. You must see it to believe it. From the mind of Dominique Duvivier, this effect will surely stun your audience.

Effect includes beautifully printed Bicycle cards, complete instructions and patter.

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