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Entrapment Gold II Review

Official Review

August 27th, 2005 6:43pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
The hand-made gimmicked card provided with Entrapment Gold II is the most appealing part of this package. It's quite nice, and I spent several minutes just admiring its careful and clever construction.

The routine that's provided is quite visual, and the gaff provides some very convincing magical moments, but it doesn't substitute for some standard card sleights that you'll need to have mastered; such as the pass, double-undercuts, and Marlo's ATFUS move. Each are very briefly described in the one-page, double-sided, instructions.

The gimmick that was in my package is made of blue-backed Bicycle cards, but it was the Jack of Spade and the Jack of Clubs. The effect's description and instructions are written as if the gaff is made with the two red Kings, so I found myself facing a bit of cognitive dissonance when learning the trick as written. A little more wordsmithing of the instructions could have easily resolved this.

I'm giving this three-stars for its visual appeal and excellent construction. As a standalone trick it seems too expensive for what amounts to a quickie, but it could be quite nice as part of a regular Ambitious Card sequence, as suggested in the dealer's description.

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Product info for Entrapment Gold II

Author: Peter Nardi, Mozique and Rob Bromley
Publisher: Alakazam Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $17.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

This exciting two-phased routine is a collaboration between Peter Nardi, Mozique and the amazing Rob Bromley.

This is the best selling Entrapment Gold taken to a new level!


Two picture cards are shown and placed face up on the table. A card is freely chosen from a face-up deck, signed and placed between the two kings. With a snap of the fingers the chosen signed card vanishes from between the kings and is now face down in the middle of the face up deck!

Phase Two

The two picture cards are once again placed face-up on the table. The signed card is now shown going into the middle of the deck. The deck is squared and cut . The picture cards are now fanned to show a face-down card between them, your spectator removes the card himself and yes it the signed selection!

This can be used as a stand alone effect or as a great addition to the Ambitious card routine.

Comes complete with the excellent Entrapment Gold Gimmick.

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