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Inside-Out Mind Review

Official Review

August 20th, 2005 8:21pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
Since the dealer description doesn't supply very much detail, allow me quote the effect, verbatim, from the trick's instructions. (Which are provided on a double-sided piece of paper with six adequate illustrations.)

"The magician shows a face-down prediction card; he puts it on the table. The other cards are show face-up : these are the Tenof Spades, the Ten of Hearts and the Ten of Clubs. The magician asks to the spectators if they an idea of the name of the card that is face-down on the table : everybody obviously think : the Ten of Diamonds.

The Magician turns face-down only one of the 3 tens that remain in his hands. He asks then to the spectators if they know how many cards are face-up. The answer is obviously two.

The magician fans the cards between his hands and shows that he has now three face-down cards, plus one face-up Ten of Spades in the middle of the packet. That means that not only all Tens turned face-down, but a supplementary card has been created since you have now four cards : three backs and a face-up Ten fo Spades! A true Chinese Puzzle!

This Ten of Spades is turned face-down among the others. The card which is on the table since the beginning is turned face-up: it is also a Ten of Spades. This card is one more time tabled face-down. The magicians shows one more time the second Tend of Spades which is in the packet. A magical gesture, and the card which is on the table transforms in an Ace of Spades, what leaves us with four Tens? The magicians returns then the five cards and shows clearly that now there is a royal flush in Spades: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten of Spades, each of these cards having a back."

I'm not sure if the question mark towards the end of the fourth paragraph is there to signify a surprise, or if at this point even the writer is unsure about what has happened. And therein lies the flaw with this trick; the instructions are as wordy and muddled as the effect description. It's a visual effect, but be prepared to struggle with a poor French-to-English translation. The "patter" is the worst of the lot, so you'll be on your own for a presentational angle.

In addition to the instructions, you get a common gimmicked card and a regular blue-back Bicycle card with the materials you need to gimmick it yourself. The gimmicks definitely streamline the effect, but they don't eliminate the need for false counts and other basic sleights.

According to the instructions, Inside-out Mind is Duvivier's homage to Derek Dingle's Outflushed, Phil Goldstein's Casanova, and Bob King's Flushtration. It's a nice touch that he gives credit where credit is due.

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Author: Dominique Duvivier
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Retail Price: $12.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Inside-Out Mind from Mayette Magie Moderne

Dominique Duvivier does it again with his mind twisting effects. This time, a prediction card proves to be anything but predictable, and the cards in his hand seem to change from four ten cards to a full house of spades- right before your eyes!

"I performed (Inside-Out Mind) for the greatest magicians always with a maximum of success."
-Dominique Duvivier

Effect includes detailed instructions and Bicycle Brand Cards.

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