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Toony Angel Review

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July 16th, 2005 8:23pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
My question to the "creator" is, "Why?" I think it's pretty common knowledge that Cardtoon was the best-selling card trick of the 20th century. David Regal had a similar effect titled "Baby Face". Then Paul Harris (in cooperation the creator of Toony Angel) put out Cardian Angel, a novel twist on the flipbook card effect that made use of the existing artwork on the Bicycle backs. Cool.

If you compare the product description of Toony Angel with Cardian Angel, they appear to be almost the same effect… with one difference: Cardian Angel has a wonderful ending where your assistant's name ends up printed on the back of the card. That, in my book, is a superior trick!

So why is there a "new" version? Why does it appear to be an inferior version of previous effects? I could make some cheeky comment about this being the destiny of some magicians to turn great effects into good effects by trying to improve them. I'll spare you my ranting.

To be fair, this product does include an additional routine titled Red Rider in which the chosen card is shown to have a different colored back from the rest of the cards (but does match the "animated" card). Personally, I think this "kicker" just dilutes outcome of the main effect.

If you're into this type of card effect, go for one of the earlier versions.

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Author: Michael Maxwell
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Manufacturer's Description:

A story is told calling attention to the angels on bicycles that reside on the back of U. S. Playing Card Rider Back cards. A spectator thinks of any card in the deck. This cards is placed face up on the table. The deck is now held with the backs toward the audience and the cards are riffled. One of the angels on a bicycle begins to animate, pedaling, waving, popping a wheelie, and riding around the card! All the while, a miniature red card is seen in the spokes of the bicycle. The angel stops, reaches down and removes the card. When he turns it over, it is the thought-of card!

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