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24 Years Of Living Next Door To Ellis DVD Review

Official Review

April 5th, 2005 11:45pm
Reviewed by David Acer
As with Ellis in Wonderland, 24 Years of Living Next Door to Ellis is a DVD within a DVD. That is to say, in addition to presenting live performances and “backstage” explanations, the DVD as a whole entertains a larger story arc, in this case featuring Tim Ellis’s “nosy next-door neighbor” (played by Sue-Anne Webster), who spies on Tim in an effort to dope out the workings of his tricks.

There is a mix of stand-up and close-up routines, most of which are relatively easy to accomplish from a technical stand-point. Indeed, the only misstep is the one piece that requires sleight of hand, a derivative three-coins-across routine that features a classic palm in which Tim’s hand spends much of the time looking like a cow’s udder. And I apologize if my comment strikes you as being insensitive, but frankly, despite my respect for him, I owe Tim a little pain for making me sit through the “Six Card Rap Dancemix.”

Other than that, this DVD is full of terrific magic by a true professional, including “The Kruger Card Trick,” a cross between David Regal’s “Pasteboard Massacre” and the Card Sword using a Freddy Kruger glove; “7D,” a stage-size prediction effect that offers an excellent alternative to the venerable Magician’s Insurance Policy; “Broken and Restored Rubber Band,” a handling for the classic method that features a nice twist on the restoration; and “Hi Tek Deck,” a very engaging card routine with a gimmicked deck I had never heard of called The Psychomatic Deck (you can make this at home).

In addition, among the bonus items, Tim performs (but does not explain) a wonderful sequence of effects using a soda can, one of the best examples of routining that you’ll ever see.

With the release of 24 Years of Living Next Door to Ellis and its companion DVD, Ellis in Wonderland, Tim Ellis clearly demonstrates that he is on a very short list of performers whose material is as much of interest to magicians as it is to their audiences.

David Acer
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Author: Ellis & Webster
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Manufacturer's Description:

Tim and Sue-Anne have adapted one of there incredible lectures into 3 hours of wonder on this incredible DVD. Ellis & Webster have been known to bring there audiences to multiple ovations. There magic and presentation techniques are world renowned.


  • The mindblowing Soda Can Resurrection
  • The Freddy Krueger Kard stab
  • A novel Bare Hand Coin Vanish
  • Coins Across
  • Spiral Bound, utility note pad for mentalists
  • Hi Tek Deck, a "computer controlled" deck
  • The Seven of Diamonds trick
  • Divide and Conquer, a great two-person code system
  • Big Deal
  • Essays on Women in Magic, Creativity and Riders
  • 3 new MagicSports games!
  • A comedy piece or two... just for fun

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