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Lessons In Magic DVD Collection Review

Official Review

March 17th, 2005 10:58pm
Reviewed by David Parr
This three-part series was originally released on videocassette under the A-1 banner, and no updates have been made to the material beyond transferring it to DVD.

For magicians who have never seen Juan Tamariz in action, the first DVD in this series will be a real treat. Tamariz performs some of his signature material, including “Neither Blind nor Stupid,” a self-working card effect polished into a perfect magical gem; “Follow the Leader,” a fabulously entertaining version of a classic card transposition; and “Cards Across,” an ingenious approach to this favorite using two mentally chosen cards. Just watching Tamariz squeeze every ounce of dramatic impact out of these effects is an education in itself. The fact that he then teaches the routines, so we can appreciate how carefully he has constructed each moment, is the icing on the cake.

Given Tamariz’s somewhat fragmented English, the explanations are remarkably coherent. Tamariz proves quite capable of conveying his meaning, sharing his methods and philosophies of performance, and leaving Jim Krenz, seated to his right, little to do but interject the occasional synonym.

Production values on the video are hardly worth mentioning: adequate but wholly uninteresting. What is likely to impress the viewer most is how thoroughly Tamariz has integrated his performing persona with the material”so much so, it’s difficult to imagine these routines in anyone else’s hands.

The second and third volumes in the series are less satisfying than the first. Tamariz’s energy seems to decline over the course of the remaining DVDs and, while the material is often clever and worth seeing, it doesn’t quite match the knock-out stuff on the first disc. A notable exception, however, is Tamariz’s impeccable handling of the Koornwinder Car on volume two. This routine is an object lesson in how to make an audience care about an inanimate object. And magicians interested in exploring the Tamariz Perpendicular Control will be pleased to know that its creator teaches the sleight on volume three.
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Juan Tamariz is a one-of “a-kind performer. A household name in his native Spain, he is one of the most unique and talented performers ever to grace our art. In the tradition of Vernon and Slydini he has blazed his own enchanted trail. His books on magic are required reading for any thinking student of magic. His repertoire is vast as well as legendary; he once performed for 74 weeks in a row on television. He is in constant demand and is often mobbed on the streets of Madrid by adoring fans. He is one of thso especial performers that takes the spectators on a wonderful journey “ a magical journey through the heart as well as the mind.

Juan is the consummate performer. Armed with only a deck of cards he can entertain a small group or a packed auditorium for hours. He is hilariously funny, but at the same time he’ll fool you like you’ve never been fooled before. He is one of magic’s greatest thinkers, a master of misdirection and a magic philosophy, and he has never had a large body of material recorded… until now! On this exclusive three-volume set of DVDs you will learn invaluable lessons in routining and construction, magical emotion, technique and presentation.

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