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Spider Pen Review

February 15th, 2005 12:11am
Reviewed by A.J.
If you used reels to float a dollar bill or playing cards then you should love this product. There is only 25 feet of thread on the motor so you have to keep in mind how much you have used or broken. The line stays consistantly tight, and is easy to manuver around with. Changing the thread is a snap when you have a backup loaded in the secret compartment. The pen itself is a joke so don't pass it around and let the table or audience write you a note with it. Also I like to float credit cards with my ITR and the motor in this pen is not strong enough to hold a credit card level. Also on the down side the motor is a little too strong for a playing card to stay level. You are really stuck in between. If you are looking for an easy and simple way to have a thread on you at all time then this should get the job done for you. You can keep the pen in your pants pocket and float a dollar bill on command. If you like to float credit cards or someone's dirvers license then you may want to stick with the good ole' safety pins. Overall for ease of use and performance this product will work well, but it won't overtake my usual means of levitating a small object.

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Author: Yigal Mesika
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Retail Price: $49.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Powered by an electric motor!

Imagine yourself in a casual conversation. You ask for a dollar bill. You place the bill on the palm of your left hand and cover it with your right hand. Suddenly you move both hands apart and the bill floats in midair. You back away across the room from the floating dollar. Then, under your command the bill floats to the floor and lays motionless for a moment. For the final climax, the bill comes up in one flowing motion and levitates all the way into your hands. You will receive an unbelievable reaction!

Here it is -- the new generation of invisible thread reel. This is a reel-workers dream come true. The Electric Spider Pen is a first-class product, nothing else even comes close.


  • Powered by electric motor.
  • No springs or rubber bands.
  • No more safety pins.
  • Easy to use and ready to go.
  • 10 seconds to refill thread.
  • Pen writes and ink is refillable.
  • Includes 25 feet of Spider thread (super fine invisible thread)
  • No noise - completely silent.
  • Easily walk up to 25 feet from the floating object!
  • Free extra spooler.
  • Battery included.

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