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Random Acts Of Magic Book Review

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September 23rd, 2005 3:44pm
Reviewed by David Parr
Random Acts of Magic is an impressive collection of material (60 effects!) created by David Acer and a handful of his friends, among them Jay Sankey, Michel Huot, and Richard Sanders. The routines involve mainly cards or coins, but occasionally find uses for other items around the house: magic markers, matches, rubber bands, aluminum foil. The skill level required to perform most of the effects is situated somewhere around the intermediate level, but there are a number of routines that make use of advanced techniques, as well as some that are within the range of beginners.

Given the wide variety of magic and methods in this book, I imagine that even the most finicky magician will find at least several appealing routines here—probably more. I’m reluctant to mention my favorite effects because I don’t want to encourage readers to skip over the rest of the material and miss out on making some discoveries! So instead I’ll share some Fun Facts to Know and Tell about David Acer:

He lives in Canada.
You’re mispronouncing his name.
He has a beautiful man-voice.
His new book is a fun read.

Regarding that last fact, David’s writing style is something of a rarity in magic books: it’s actually entertaining. The book made me laugh out loud a number of times. Especially amusing is a satirical essay originally printed in Genii magazine about the efficacy of Vernon’s “Five Card Mental Force.” It’s a brilliant piece of writing.

The author’s twisted sense of humor notwithstanding, his explanations of methods are thorough and straightforward, reference photos are included for clarity, credit is duly given to other creators, and additional comments are included at the end of each effect. In keeping with this format, I submit the following:


I will now reveal The Cool Thing Hidden in the Back of the Book. Included in an essay titled “Books vs. Videos” are lists, composed by some recognizable names in magic, of ten favorite magic books. It is very interesting to see what books these diverse performers have in common, and what books are unique to the individual. I only wish David had included the reasons why these magi chose these particular books.

David informs me that there is a critical error in the explanation for the effect “Over Easy.” He has set up an area on his website to address this error and provide updated credits.

Perhaps, some day, David will explain to us what, exactly, is going on in the photo on page 115. Or perhaps it’s better not to know.
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Prepare to be intrigued, delighted, elated – Random Acts of Magic is an inspired and inspiring collection of more than 60 brand new, bread-and-butter goodies, tightened and refined over thousands of shows, lectures and television appearances! You’ll find astonishing tricks with cards, coins, markers, cell phones, matchbooks, matches, receipts, elastics, bottles, balls, bills, wallets, ties, spoons and finger rings, plus anecdotes, road stories, and the first 12 hilarious, thought-provoking essays from David’s column in Genii magazine! Plus much more...

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