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Doves to Rabbit Review

January 19th, 2005 2:22pm
Reviewed by MagicMonkichi
I love this! I use it with my dog (A shizoo) instead of a rabbit. The reactions are amazing! People really freak when they see this one! They just don't expect it. Looks incredible. The only drawback is that you should be a distance away from the audience. Other than will be a great adition to your show.


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One to four doves are produced in various ways (to be chosen by the performer). As they are produced, each dove is placed into a cage on a perch, where they are in full view at all times. After the last dove is placed into the cage, the top of the cabinet is lifted off. The sides of the cabinet drop down to reveal a LIVE RABBIT !
The doves have vanished completely

Doves to Rabbit is a fantastic illusion that is performed with lightning speed The illusion packs flat, yet will certainly be the focus point of any dove act.

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