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Palming Coins - Viking Dragon Design Review

October 22nd, 2004 12:37am
Reviewed by Sean Carpenter
Before I begin this review, here’s a special offer for you. If you send me a real $20 bill, I will send you, in return, a specially designed “Bank of Sean” $20 bill that I printed off in my bedroom. It will look very similar to the $20 bill that you sent me “ except that you won’t be able to buy $20 worth of stuff with it. That offer pretty much sums up everything that’s wrong with these palming coins. If you buy them you are handing over some of your real money in exchange for a similar amount of toy money “ that is no more suitable for magical purposes than the real money you handed over in the first place. These are not extra thin coins with serrated edges that might handle better in a manipulation routine. The coins supplied are the same size, thickness, shape and texture as normal coins. The only difference between these and real coins is that they are slightly tinnier, more like metal tokens than coins. Oh yes, and also the fact that they don’t have any value as currency. I’m giving these coins half a star, not because they are a poor quality product “ they are not, but because there is absolutely no reason for their existence. There are simply no more suitable for palming, or any other magical purpose, than the coins you already have in your pocket.

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Publisher: Viking
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Manufacturer's Description:

Our Dragon palming coins are just a tad smaller than a US half-dollar; VH Dragon Design; brass, 1 9/64" dia.

The design is a replica of a 1902 Mandarin Dollar, a gold coin only used by the Emperor's family during the Mandarin Dynasty.

The Chinese symbols translate into 'Health-Wealth and Happiness. Good luck to he who possesses this coin".

Made of bright brass and a real beauty. Limited production.

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