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Mind Stunts DVD Review

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September 24th, 2004 4:50pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I reviewed 7 by Patrik Kuffs a few months ago and gave it a good review. This might have been a mistake. Shortly after I published the review, I started getting emails telling me that most of the material had been previously published by other people. I have to admit that there are so many new products in the magic world that I can't keep track of it all. Upon further investigation, I decided that the emails were basically true.

With that said, I know that some of the material on this DVD is very similar to other peoples' work. It's not up to me to judge whether this is a case of simultaneous creation or … something else. For the purpose of this review, I'll stick to what's on the DVD.

Overall, I was disappointed with both the material and the quality of this DVD. The DVD navigation was far from intuitive (even for an ex-rocket-scientist). Even after messing with it for a while, I'm sure I still missed a bunch of stuff (not that I'm terribly interested in finding more of the same).

I will admit that some of the ideas were clever. However, many of the procedures were messy and lacking a premise. "Book Test 4 Dummies" was methodologically transparent. Actually, my favorite piece "Nostradakuffs" wasn't explained on the DVD.

I guess if you're looking for some clever "new" ideas, you might find something of use here. Otherwise, I'd leave this one alone.

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Author: Patrick Kuffs
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Manufacturer's Description:

On this DVD, you will learn some of Patrick's most acclaimed and requested effects:

* Dangerous Monte
* Watchism
* Book Test 4 Dummies
* Blindfoil
* Nostradakuffs
* T.O.C.
* Bold Business

This DVD video also includes Acrobat Reader PDF text files for all the included routines in English and French with the necessary stickers for the "Rubik's Cube" effect.

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