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Magic That Can Be Performed Anywhere DVD Review

Official Review

July 12th, 2004 6:14pm
Reviewed by Tracy Atteberry
In case you don't know, Jim Cellini is an acclaimed expert in the field of "Street Magic". His performances, aided by a charming and graceful style, are a pleasure to watch and on this DVD he presents a number of stand-up routines that are excellent not only for a street performance, but any stand-up venue. Also, most of this material can be performed silently.

A large portion of this DVD is devoted to the loop ball and variations on the theme. These include the basic Loop Ball, a Salt Pour, Joe Karson's Chinese Egg Bag, takes on the Syldini classics 'Capricious Cornucopia' and 'Ball Vanish in the Hands'. One of my favorites is the ball productions from a hat. In this same category, Cellini presents Joe Karson's Chinese Egg Bag which uses a wooden egg and a bamboo mat.

Other material on the DVD includes The Devil's Handkerchief, Fred Kaps' Vanish and Recovery of Four Coins (the Eddie Joseph vanish is something I'll definitely practice and use), and a version of The Gypsy Thread that plays big enough for a street or stand-up venue.

I really appreciated the respect Mr. Cellini pays to previous masters of his art. The archival footage of Slydini and Karson nicely enhanced Cellini's approach and added to the charm of the production.

One complaint I have about this DVD is that Jim mentions the fact that they sell items like the loop ball (and variations) but there is never any indication of how one might go about ordering. Neither was a website for ordering available at the time of this writing.

If you're looking for some solid stand-up material that leans toward manipulation, this DVD will be worth your time and money.

Four stars.
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Author: Cellini
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Manufacturer's Description:

These effects have been tried and tested under all conditions, and used in all types of venues. From the streets to the stage, they work! All are simple to do and can be performed under most conditions. Practice diligently and success will soon be yours.

Contents Include:

* The Loop Ball
* The Salt Pour
* Joe Karson's Chinese Egg Bag
* teh Devil's Handkerchief
* Fred Kap's Vanish and recovery of Four Coins
* The Gypsy Thread (Street Style)

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