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Face Lifter Review

June 11th, 2004 12:06pm
Reviewed by Benji11
Facelifter is an illusion well worth the price. I have always wanted to perform a head twisting routine without having to pay hundreds of dollars. In my opinion Andrew Mayne is brilliant at showing the underdogs in magic you don;t have to pay a lot to get the reaction of David Copperfield. Well now for the trick....without exposing the trick your have to create a gimicked box. Tthe hardest part is to actually go out and buy the materials. It is not difficult at all to create the gimick and you don't need to be an expert craftsman to create the box. You can adjust the sizes to fit your head if your head is too big as well. Tthere are two main parts to the illusion and in the book it explains thoroughly how to build everything to the T. overall if you wish to perform the head twisting illusion along with taking your head off then I would suggest to purchase the book.

Product info for Face Lifter

Author: Mayne, Andrew
Publisher: Maynestream Productions
Average Rating:  (4)
Retail Price: $14.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Who needs thousands of dollars to perform incredible illusions?

Effect: The magician asks his audience just that question before he picks up his beat-up cardboard box. He places it upside down over his head and then rips a hole in the front so his face is visible. The magician then lifts the box about a foot above his shoulders-stretching his neck impossibly long. Next, he twists his head 360 degrees around and back. Finally, he removes his head entirely before putting it back and removing the box.

Face Lifter is an incredible (yet easy-to-build and perform) illusion which will leave your audience baffled. Taking advantage of cutting edge technology, Face Lifter allows any performer to create an illusion that would have cost thousands of dollars to duplicate just a few years ago.

Comes with 23-page, fully-illustrated booklet.

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