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From Within Review

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May 17th, 2004 2:47pm
Reviewed by Eugene Burger
A card is selected, signed and returned to the performer who inserts it into the rear of the deck. It is explained that the signed card will disappear from the deck and reappear in the card box. But where is the card box? Suddenly, either slowly or quickly, the card box appears in the center of the deck. Inside the card box is the signed card.

First of all, regardless of what the ads say, this is definitely not "easy to do." Granted there are no real sleights in the routine, but that does not make it easy. This effect will require many hours to get the handling down if you want it to look like magic. I do not doubt that the inventor, Nigel Harrison, can do this splendidly -- and that it may look like magic in his hands. But, honestly, if it is going to look like magic in my hands, I have a lot of work ahead of me.

There are two problems here. First, if this is not to be the opening effect of the show, how does one get into this routine in the middle of a show? This problem is given two sentences in the instructions. But, really! (I might mention that there is a section in the instructions called "Performance (the 'get ready,')" but this deals with setting the box and not how one might make the transition from a previous effect in a real show to this one.)

The second problem is much more serious: the deck never can be held squared. When you first appear, the deck must be in your hand and it must be held in an unsquared manner. The deck remains unsquared in your hand and that is how it visually must remain until the box appears in the center of the deck. As the instructions say, you want the cards "to appear a bit messy." Obviously, for some of us there is an aesthetic issue here: why on earth would I want to walk up to a group of people with cards held "a bit messy" in my hand?

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Author: Nigel Harrison
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Manufacturer's Description:

The magician spreads a deck of cards between his hands and has the spectator select a card. The spectator then signs their name across the face of the card and the magician sticks it back into the middle of the deck. The magician then proudly proclaims that the freely selected, signed card will vanish from the deck and reappear inside the card box. But wait, there's one small problem, the card box is nowhere to be found. Not a problem for the performer, as he causes the card box to materialize from within the cards in his hands. Believe it or not, the box actually appears to grow from within the deck. The box is removed from the cards and opened to reveal the spectator's freely selected and signed card... within.

You'll love watching this in front of a mirror as much as you will performing it
for your audiences. Their jaws drop when the box actually seems to
materialize in your hands. "From Within" just may become a permanent
fixture in your close-up act. It's that fun to do.

  • Completely self contained
  • Any card Is chosen (no force)
  • Easy to do
  • Resets In about 5 seconds
  • A pleasure to perform

"From Within" comes complete with cards, gimmick, and detailed step by step instructions to guide you through every moment of this beautifully visual routine.

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