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Drinks On Me! Review

Official Review

May 17th, 2004 2:47pm
Reviewed by Eugene Burger
The performer offers to buy an audience member a drink. He shows several laminated cards on which various alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks are displayed. One is selected which leads to a surprise humorous ending.

This is hardly earth-shaking or original. You might be aware of the version where cards showing beautiful women are displayed and the spectator selects one -- which proves to be the picture of a grotesque hag. Here, Matthew Johnson provides well-designed cards and instructions. This is a good routine that many might enjoy performing -- particularly since it involves no sleight-of-hand at all.

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Author: Matthew Johnson
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Manufacturer's Description:

"Drinks on Me," offers a refreshing change of pace to any close-up act and has everything you are looking for in a close up effect; Magic, Fun, Great looking props and the big comedy finish! This trick is the perfect ice breaker for any close-up act.

You show cards with pictures of drinks on them and explain that the spectators have been so great that you want to buy one of them a drink. The chosen spectator selects one of the cards and turns it over, the result is a surprise comedy finish that gets a great laugh every time!

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