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In Over Your Head. Review

April 8th, 2004 10:32am
Reviewed by Aus
Straight comedy is generally not my style but I do like to do the one funny effect or two on occasion. I’m sure that everyone familiar with the Slydini balls over head routine, well this is a clever adaptation from the mind of Steve Bedwell’s to a rope routine. Just reading the manuscript had me in fits of laughter as the picture formed in my head of how this would play, and I truly hope people really do respect Steves creation and give it the time it deserves for it to be performed well.

The effect comes in the form of a blue covered manuscript which details the set, props needed (which really only consists of some rope and some scissors) and hand illustrations on the performance of the routine. The information is set-up in a well layed out fashion and will be easy to understand in the first reading. It is unfortunate that Steve did have to release this effect under the pretence of claiming creation rights to it and to beat the intellectual thieves to the punch. That is a double edged sword however, meaning that magic is blessed to have such a fine piece of magic among its ranks. This is highly recommended.



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Author: Bedwell, Steve
Publisher: Steve Bedwell
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $15.00
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Very funny and sets up easily and quickly. All you need is a scissors and some lengths of rope. Effect: A lady from the audience is invited on stage in order to closely observe the magician as he cuts a length of rope in half and then restores it. This effect is repeated several times to the increasing bewilderment of the assisting spectator. However, unbeknown to the person on stage, the remainder of the audience sees the magician secretly transfer short pieces of rope from his ear to the center of the long rope. The short ropes are then cut and discarded by tossing them over the spectator's head. Because the assistant on stage is unaware of the short pieces of rope and because the long rope is handled in a very open fashion, the cut and restored illusion is truly staggering. The trick then builds into a crescendo of craziness culminating in a hilarious visual restoration of the rope.

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