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Dreamweaver Review

Official Review

April 6th, 2004 9:05am
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
I have mixed emotions while writing this review. I don't know the full story, and haven't tracked it down, so let me just offer the facts and my thoughts.

With Dreamweaver you receive a linking pin routine that is, by and large, the Dan Garrett Pindemonium routine. Dan is credited, which is a good thing. However, I do not know if he gave permission.

Now, of all the phases, only one comes directly from the Pindemonium routine, however most of the phases are very derivative from that work, as admitted by the creator. They are the kind of thing that I think many people would have derived with while working on Pindemonium.

Are they good? Well, yes. Are they original? Well, depends on how you define that.

This also raises the question of whether publishing derivative ideas and selling them is the right thing to do. Part of that is determined by the granting of permission, but part of it rests on a determination of whether or not something is being added to the record. I mean, why publish something that's already been done before, even WITH permission?

Admittedly, the final phase incorporates a gimmicked pin, so releasing it as a commercial item makes sense. However, I often thought that the best way of doing this type of release would be to offer a combo package. Sell an original copy of Garrett's Pindemonium along with the gimmicked pin and brief manuscript describing the final phase. Let me tell you why I think this would have been preferable in this case.

One, the instructions are very difficult to follow, as are the illustrations. Little things such as referring to the "round end" of the pin add confusion. Well, both ends are "round." Also, there are omissions in the handling of the opening and closing of the pin which are covered in the Garrett routine. While you do not need to do this often, I think it would help the handling to learn these moves. While the concept of secretly opening the pin is mentioned, it is not "taught" by any stretch of the imagination. Finally, the writing could have been clearer on many counts.

When Just Passin' Thru was released by Russ Niedzwiecki, he included a DVD to aid explanations. I thought his printed text was more than clear. I think Dreamweaver's instructions would have benefited from a similar treatment. After watching the online demo I had an entirely different vision of what the trick was supposed to look like. (See, I didn't try it for the longest time because I was unsure which pin was the gimmicked one and didn't want to ruin it. The routine I imagined was VERY similar to Dan's. After seeing the online demo, I went through the instructions. I see the differences, but even then, the phases are all derivative of the inspiring routine.)

The routine is good and it flows well. I would not consider it a 9 phase routine, so don't let its apparent length put you off.

Ok, I guess we need to discuss that which is original to Dreamweaver, the final link. Again, I have mixed feelings. When I was playing with it I thought, "wow, what a clever and visual ending." However, in sharing it with audiences, I am amazed at how many correctly guess the method as a knee jerk reaction. I thought it may have been my performance, so I asked them what made them say it. "That's what it's got to be," or things to that effect were often offered. Take that for what it is.

The gaff is glaringly obvious - IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR. If you don't, it's invisible. I know, because I missed it on first handling the pins myself. (Note: Do NOT carry the gimmick in your wallet, as suggested.)

So, where does that leave us?

I think you would be better served buying the original Pindemonium routine and working out your own handling. I think there is more "meat" in those instructions and one would have a better learning experience. However, if you like the final ending of the Dreamweaver routine, which can be seen online, then you shouldn't hesitate buying the Dreamweaver package for the ability to close with that one phase. To me, it would still be a good investment.

The routine is good, the props are well made, but the instructions could use some help. I'm giving it an overall 3, though the Pindemonium routine is easily a 5. But that routine and thinking has been in print before, so I can't give those stars to Dreamweaver.

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Publisher: Enchantment
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $14.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

From The Enchantment comes a routine that rivals some of the greatest close-up routines in all of magic. Dreamweaver is a linking and unlinking integration of 3 separate principles of deception executed with the greatest of ease. Utilizing objects as simple and ordinary as safety pins, your audience will experience one of the most visual, straightforward, and convincing joining of two objects in magic. This is not a trick--this is a professional 9-phase routine that builds in each sequence, produces a greater audience response through each phase, and ends with a complete examination of each pin! Spectators may examine all they want, they will never find a thing.

What's more, you'll also learn additional and alternative sequences to correlate with the original routine to further demonstrate your abilities. Your audience will witness magic in its purest just inches from their awing eyes. The pins link and unlink in slow motion, in mid-air, even within the spectator's very own hand! But here's the best part, with Dreamweaver you'll ALWAYS be ready to perform. Whenever someone requests that you "do a trick," you'll have a multi-phase professional routine awaiting in your wallet. If you are looking for real world magic that you can carry with you at all times, enter the Dreamweaver.

-Very easy to perform
-Pins can be fully examined
-Perfect for walk-around
-Easily fits in any wallet
-Extremely fair, visual & magical
-An anytime, anywhere worker

Includes the necessary safety pins and gaff, and a 22-page book with digital
photograph demonstrations.

Dreamweaver is such a reliable routine. It's easy, it fools
everyone, and it always leaves an impression. Definitely something you can count on!

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