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Pen Penetration Review

April 3rd, 2004 11:11am
Reviewed by Aus
Like many different things is this world, magic has its phases it goes through like exposure, David Blaine, Card warp, and up to recently torn and restored card effects, and among those phases was the Pen thought bill. After David Copperfeild did “Misled” on national TV the magic world has been abuzz with Pen thru effects. John’s Perfect Pen, No: 2 Pencil, Just Passing thru are just some of the many that one can get in this arena. Each of the effects having there own unique advantages but with each of those advantages there are trade offs. So what does Pen Penetration offer that’s different to the others. For effect, it’s much of the same, nothing new there, but what it does do and for what you get is what makes this particular Pen thru effect my one of choice.

For starters you get a black plastic “Bic” type pen in a zip lock plastic bag that is accompanied with a small illustrated piece of paper detailing the pen and its handling. One other difference is it’s a lot cheaper then the many other versions that are out there, but what I like particularly about this effect or more to the point this version of the effect is that it is great for the informal situation where you want to just show something to a friend or a mere acquaintance. Why can’t you do that with the others? Well picture this, you’re in your T-shirt, shorts and thongs and you get the pricey John version Perfect Pen and begin to pull out this gleaming gold plated pen that would seem to be more at home on a lawyers desk than the average Joe up the street. What would you think? But not only that, you're paying a higher price for it too and its probably not even examinable or it is but requires you to switch one pen for another.

Pen Penetration doesn’t have this problem and is best suited for such situations, and there is nothing stopping a young budding magician at school to throw it in his pencil case so he's ready for that spontaneous performance. What’s more, it requires no switch of the pen and is completely examinable and you can actually write with it. The quality of the pen its self is of a suitable quality and will last many hundreds of performances. The gimmick part of the pen is not fragile as with the “Misled” version for which was guilty of and many subsequently complained about. Sounds to good to be true doesn’t it, but it isn’t, and is highly recommended.



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A pen is pushed through the center of a borrowed bill. When it is removed, the bill is unhurt. Everything can be examined at the end of the effect. Only one pen used, no switch needed. Startiling visual entertainment!

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