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Versatile Monte Review

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March 21st, 2004 7:00pm
Reviewed by Tracy Atteberry
Forget about the monte. You're not going to buy this DVD for the monte. You're going to buy it because of the subtitle at the bottom of the front cover in smaller print. It reads, "The complete course on how to print custom playing cards." Don't blink or you'll miss it -- I did. I passed this DVD over several times (I don't need another monte effect, after all) and I'm sure most magician's will do the same. Too bad for them.

On this DVD Mark Allen covers template file creation (using MS Word and Adobe PageMaker), positioning and printing, surface refinishing, color matching, and more. Production value, as with his last DVD, is minimal but since the computer screen is the star for most of the viewing you'll hardly miss it. While not a dynamic screen personality, Mark's simple and clear instructions will have you creating custom cards in no time. My only word of additional advice would be to skip the section on color matching unless and until you actually have trouble getting the color you want to print.

Now, you're still thinking about the monte aren't you? I asked you to forget about it but you just have to know, right? Okay. The included monte routine, "Easter Egg Hunt", was Mark's original inspiration for wanting to print custom playing cards. It is a variation of Jim Temple's Color Monte using a reg egg, a blue egg, and an Easter bunny. You get the idea. It's a cute little routine that will appeal to some and, if you haven't done a lot of monte work already, the handling will definitely be worth a look. There you go, now back to the real reason for buying this DVD.

If you've ever wanted to create custom playing cards (client logos, gaffed cards, etc.) using your home computer and color printer then this is the DVD for you. Just do me a favor -- don't go telling all your magician friends about this. The author has thoughtfully(?) titled this DVD to ensure that these secrets remain largely unknown even in the magic community. Don't blow it.

I'm taking away one star, mainly for bad titling, and giving Mark Allen's obfuscated gem a strong four stars.
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Author: Mark Allen
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Manufacturer's Description:

Versatile card magic for the New World!

Flexible -- Real World ideas and solutions. Don't get stuck during a phone conversation when your client asks for a custom adaptation. Imagine the impact on your prospective client when you make their logo appear on your cards during the audition.

Interlace your magic with any specific event. Ideal for . . . Custom promotions. Use company names and logos for your trade show and restaurant work. Promote your self or anything you can imagine.

Enjoy a newfound freedom -- Make your own hi-quality, long lasting cards for your act. Take advantage of the equipment you already own. Utilize our modern day equipment and technology to expand your imagination and versatility. Ideal for short run handouts! Only pennies to produce with the quality you demand. The in house solution for long lasting, great looking, custom playing cards and it's quick and easy to do.

Display your creativity and ingenuity. Stay current and timely! Make customized sets for all your holiday shows like, New Years, Valentine's, etc.

Create custom comedy effects. Versatile Monte puts you in command and gives you the solutions to expand your imagination. Revolutionize your card magic and keep up with the times.

Express yourself . . . Add feeling and emotions. Create tailor-made playing cards to tie into your birthday party shows, anniversaries and more.

What you get is a well organized course on how to print clearly and accurately on blank bicycle cards with your ink jet and/or laser printer. Experienced information so you do not damage your equipment. Detailed information on how to set the ink so your cards will look, feel and last like professional playing cards. You get detailed information on layout, printing, graphic sources and some color matching tips for accurate reproduction with the results you desire.

Also -- Learn a clean and natural Three-Card Monte handling.

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