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Mo' Monte Review

Official Review

March 21st, 2004 2:54pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
Mo' Monte is an "in the hands" monte effect with a Color monte type feel. Having said that, I don't think anyone would ever remotely confuse the two. The plot is simple, and the ending is surprisingly visual. In truth, when I tried this on myself I thought "oh, ok" but having performed it a couple of times I will say the reactions have been stronger than expected.

What may interest most people, even if they do not perform this routine, is the handling which allows one to show the same card in repeated positions. This is Max's handling of the "Quick 3 Way" Plot and many may want to add this handling to their existing Color Monte presentations. (By the way, I know we think of it as old hat, but Color Monte is a GREAT trick.)

This is a good trick, but of the ones I have reviewed is the most "normal" of the offerings, even still the thinking is typical thorough. So a strong 3 and 1/2 stars.

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Author: Phil Goldstein
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Manufacturer's Description:

At the start of the routine, the performer begins by asking the audience if they're familiar with the game of Three-Card Monte. Admitting that the game is rigged, the performer offers to explain it. What follows is a roller coaster ride that the audience cannot conceivably follow, and they are left magically dazzled and bewildered. Even when removable labels are affixed to the "money card," the audience still loses!

Mo' Monte by Phil Goldstein comes complete with everything needed to perform this amazing swindle, including the special cards, special removable stickers, and complete, highly-detailed instructions.

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