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Four Face Assembly Review

Official Review

March 21st, 2004 2:53pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
My prediction is few will ever perform this trick for "Real people", which is a shame, because the handling is so well thought out. Four Face Assembly is another offering in Max's current series of what I like to call connoisseur packets tricks. In truth, this is not a packet trick per se, but it still has the same kind of feel.

The cards provided are of the highest quality, the plot is "cute" and novel, but it is the handling that makes this trick stand out. Even if you never perform the effect, buying it to study the progressive structure of the routine, and some of the subtle handling touches, would be rewarding in and of itself. It really is a well thought out trick.

My only caveat is that the "punched" queens take a little bit of finesse to handle, but all one needs do is remain mindful so they don't "hang" on each other.

A great, fun trick. Again, compared to the other packet tricks of the world, 5 stars.

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Author: Phil Goldstein
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Manufacturer's Description:

The magician proudly presents an innovative version of a classic of card magic: the Four Ace Assembly. What makes it so new and different? Instead of aces, it's done with queens.

Okay, okay... That's not a big change. But it really is something new. The queen of spades is set aside, face down. The other three queens are dealt into a row and, as per tradition, three indifferent cards are put on top of each. Now, one at a time, each queen vanishes from its packet. But look -- they really vanish, because the each queen is physically gone from the card stock, leaving behind only the cut-out space where the picture used to be! The handling for each vanish changes, so that each time it's more amazing than before. So, where did the queens go? There's a surprise twist on the standard climax, because when the queen of spades is turned over, it's seen that all four of the queens have assembled together, printed on that one card!

It's a novel and offbeat routine, and the specially printed and die-cut gimmicks make this surprisingly easy to do; only a few standard sleights are involved. Use your own red-backed Bicycle deck!

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