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Coin Matrix 2003 Review

Official Review

February 4th, 2004 4:13pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
As much as I want to start out on a positive note, one thing must be said before anything else: there is some false advertising going on with this product. On the back of the video it clearly says "Can be done on any magic pad/table." If you read this, as I did, to mean that you can use your own close-up mat, forget it.

What you're really buying here is the "secret" ? and it's not a new one, though it has rarely been applied to close-up magic. Which brings me to my main concern with this. In order for the effect to be, well? effective, you need pretty good control over your environment: the surface, the lighting and the position of the audience.

If you have this ability, I'm convinced you can do some pretty cool things. In particular, Eric spends a lot of time explaining various subtleties that hide the method. For that matter, these moves can be applied to quite a few close-up coin routines that don't rely on this particular method -- particularly the cigarette/pencil through quarter.

As for difficulty level, the moves are no more challenging than the ones you might use in a typical matrix routine.

The coins are altered in such a way that you don't want to display them in your hands very often. This seems to be overlooked on the video. If they're displayed on an open palm for any period of time, I think it would tip the method to a careful observer.

Finally, you should know that the "Matrix" explained is really more of a collection of moves. There is a single two-card/one-coin matrix taught.

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Author: James, Eric
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Manufacturer's Description:

Eric James reminds us how powerful simple, direct magic can be. He's transformed the normal Matrix routine into a truly amazing spectacle.

The Basic Effect: The magician displays a single coin in his otherwise empty hands. He slowly covers the coin and it instantly jumps into his other hand! He again shows both hands empty except for the coin. On Coin Matrix 2003, Eric James clearly covers the basic move along with nine other powerful sleights which can be used with this system. Once you know the moves, then you can completely adapt Coin Matrix 2003 into your own routine instantly-using bare hands, cards or both.

Coin Matrix 2003 can be used in hundreds of ways, in intimate close-up performances (even using borrowed change) to large stage shows.

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