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February 4th, 2004 4:11pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
How do I say this politely? Hmmm? maybe "do your homework" or "haven't I seen this somewhere before?"

I bought my first version of this trick in the early 80's. It was called "Now You See It, Now You Don't" and was published by Jeff Stewart (with additional routines by Ken Krenzel). A few years ago, Meir Yedid produced a complete set with Stewart's gimmick, a book and a video filled with ideas from various well-known magicians (Now-U-C-It, Now-U-Don't). I asked Meir about it and he says the idea goes back to at least the 1800s.

OK, I?m done ranting now, so let's talk about this version.

First, it is a beautiful effect! Not only that, it has many more applications than are explored on the video. There was a point in my teen years that I developed an entire act based around this principle.

The few methods described on the video give the viewer a good background in some basic technique. There's even a discussion of angles (absolutely necessary for this to work in the real world).

While I don?t' think it's that important, the production quality is rather low, as are all the videos produced by Expert Magic that I've seen. Let's be honest: this is probably shot in a dorm room with a handheld camera. If you're expecting and L&L-quality video, forget it. However, the descriptions are clear and I don't really mind the $19.95 floor lamp from Target in the background.

There's not much more to say because there's not much more to the tape. I think the right person could take this principle and do something really wonderful with it. However, this tape gives a bare-bones introduction to the principle. If the idea interests you, I'd have to recommend the package produced by Meir Yedid and Jeff Stewart.

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Author: James, Eric
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Make Any Small Object Visually Melt Through Your Hand!

Imagine being able to borrow a signed coin and have it visually melt through your hand!

Or having the ability to make a borrowed ring vanish, using only two fingers, then make it reappear by rubbing a playing card on the palm of your hand! Better yet, what if you could do all of this anytime, anywhere and with any small object!

Imagine no longer, using a clever unique method created by Michal Mystic, Eric James will show you how to impress and amaze any crowd using their own bottle caps, rings, peanuts, popcorn, coins, etc.-almost any borrowed object!

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