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The Peek Pack Review

Official Review

July 29th, 2022 12:45am
Reviewed by James Sanden
The Tossed Out Deck is a classic of mentalism for a reason. It packs small, plays big and is a very strong, direct feat of mind reading. It does have some limitations, though. It’s really only suitable for a stage performance, there is a lot of procedure involved before any mind reading occurs (introducing the props, wrapping the cards in rubber bands, having the deck passed from spectator to spectator) and there is only one moment at the end of the routine where the audience confirms the performer has successfully read the spectator’s minds. Quality staging and a strong performance can overcome most of these limitations, but if you’d like to eliminate all of them, as well as incorporate some excellent differences, Brian Gillis’ “Peek Pack” may be your solution.

In “Peek Pack” the performer riffles the cards in front of six different spectators, asking them each to think of one of the cards they see, then immediately tells them individually exactly which cards they are thinking of. There is no fishing, as the performer knows without question who’s thinking of which card. The routine can be performed on stage or close up, the selection procedure is very quick, and the performer can choose in the moment to do fewer than six cards if he or she wants.

“Peek Pack” comes with a special deck of cards, which should last a lifetime as, during the routine, the spectators never touch the cards and each performance only requires that you riffle the deck six times. The 33 minute streaming tutorial is clear and includes a complete, live performance, so you can see the routine in action. All the tips, subtleties and issues you might come up against are taught by Mr. Gillis, with additional commentary and questions supplied by Greg Wilson, who has performed the trick for many years as well. Greg also offers some ideas and strategies for other ways to present the effect, including an approach to show the cards as mixed. It’s worth keeping in mind the riffle action will take some work to get down as you have to riffle sections of the pack without the aid of short cards (or the like). No subtlety here. It will just take some practice.

I will say that when you riffle the cards to have the spectator peek at a card, it is a very fast riffle. So fast that it’s likely that at least one spectator will need you to riffle the cards again in order to actually see a card. The speed is a necessary element to the method and, to a magician at least, may seem overly fast. However, a fast riffle doesn’t explain anything, especially when six people individually just peek at six different cards and the magician immediately names them. It’s unfathomable. I would personally add something to the script to justify the speed as a way to make the selection process “fairer,” but that’s just my inclination. Ultimately, it’s totally unnecessary.

Brian Gillis was a true worker, and “Peek Pack” was one of his bread and butter effects, the one he used to open his show for many, many years. He performed on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and worked for the rich and famous in Hollywood, performing the routine up close as well as onstage. I saw him perform the effect on video many years ago and it totally fooled me. This is a mind blowing demonstration of direct mind reading with very little procedure to take away from the impact. If you perform mind reading or mental magic, this is a no brainer. Highly recommended.

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Author: Brian Gillis
Publisher: Gregory Wilson Presents
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This multiple-selection mental miracle is perfect for close-up or stand-up to manipulate the minds of the audience without manipulating the cards!

Brian has used this reputation-maker on Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Paul McCartney, Muhammed Ali, Charlize Theron, Eddie Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger . . . and some of the bigger names.

Even though it's easy to do, Brian has also fooled magicians with The Peek Pack over the last 20 years in all three rooms of the Magic Castle!


Picture this: Each and every card is peeked at - as the pack is riffled. Six spectators. Six selections. Six revelations.

During the show, I use a poker tell ruse of reading body language and facial expressions. After the show, this is the one that people tell me is completely believable.

Trust me when I say The Peek Pack is so strong that you'll want to toss out your Tossed Out decks and use this as often as possible!"

- Gregory Wilson

Comes with a custom-designed Bicycle deck and online instructions from Brian Gillis and Gregory Wilson.

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