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SFB 2000 Review

Official Review

August 3rd, 2022 4:25am
Reviewed by James Sanden
The self folding bill is a beautiful, baffling and unique effect with a wonderfully counterintuitive method. If you’ve never seen it, the performer takes a bill from their wallet, sets it on the palm of their hand, then, without touching it, the bill slowly folds completely in half, then in quarters, then in eighths. To reset all you have to do is unfold the bill and put it back in your wallet. Genius.

Still, no effect is perfect, and all deserve revisiting and refining, which Proof Positive Magic has done with the self folding bill. In their version, SFB 2000, the performer can use a borrowed bill and the animation happens with the bill laying on the table, untouched by the magician. The instructions also include a full script and, while I don’t endorse copying another performer’s presentation exactly, there are individual elements of the script well worth adopting, the strongest of which is having the bill fold at the spectator’s command.

My favorite releases are those that teach the “why” as well as the “how.” Knowing the reason behind a choice means that, even if you don’t like the choice, you can still learn from why it was made. This is where great insight and learning becomes possible. It’s also the approach Proof Positive Magic takes with the instructions for SFB 2000. The instructions go so far as to cover how to deliver some of the script, why it works, what it accomplishes and why it’s written the way it is. It’s a mini class in giving a powerful performance. Beyond this, instead of just supplying the needed gimmicks, they also go so far as to include a mocked up version of the effect, complete with fake bill and cardboard gimmicked wallet, so that the buyer can immediately start working through the routine.

I wish all magic producers cared as deeply about the instructions for their releases as Proof Positive Magic. Even if it weren’t an outstanding effect and method, it would be worthwhile to study their in depth, thoughtful handling, clearly based on real world experience (even if, as I do, you don’t agree with every choice they make.) The self folding bill is a wonderful piece of magic, and what Proof Positive Magic has built into their version is quite wonderful. Highly recommended.

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Manufacturer's Description:

The magician places a BORROWED BILL flat on a table (not on his hand!). The spectator is instructed to point at the bill. Slowly and mysteriously the bill begins to fold in half, attracted to the spectator until it stops, touching his fingertip!The spectator moves his finger, causing the bill to continue folding itself up, slowly, following his every movement.

The bill passes through six separate stages until it ends up folded in eighths, with the spectator's finger resting on top of it! The bill is then picked up, unfolded, and shown cleanly on both sides.

It is then refolded and tossed back on the table, where then the magician makes a final gesture, causing the folded bill to flip over on the table!

The spectator may instantly remove his bill from the table and examine it!

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