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The Experiment Review

Official Review

August 2nd, 2022 12:38am
Reviewed by Stephan Sloan
The Experiment by Vinny Sagoo is a prediction effect. With the provided props The Experiment is a simple to learn and packs a punch. What you receive are high quality Bicycle backed playing cards and a wallet to carry them in. Instructions are provided in written and in video form. The simplicity of the trick allows the performer to flesh out the routine without fear of having to do any slight of hand. Especially suited for those who want to enter the realm of mentalism without stressing over complicated procedures.

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Author: Vinny Sagoo
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Manufacturer's Description:

Dr Rhine devised an experiment back in the early 1900's to test for the existence of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). He created five symbols, the Circle, Cross, Triangle, Square and Wavy Lines. You remove ten cards from a plastic wallet, five of which you pass to your spectator. Ask him to shuffle them face down as you do the same with your packet. You both exchange one card, which is then turned face up and inserted into the face down packet of cards. This is all done behind your back, so that no one knows what the exchanged cards are. You spread both the packets and the SAME symbol is the only card face up! You then state that you made a prediction beforehand, and when you turn the plastic wallet over, it's also the SAME symbol! You state that this shows that you and the spectator have psychic abilities. The spectator a little sceptical, thinks that all of the cards are the same, but when they are turned over, they are actually all completely BLANK! Easy to do Fully examinable No sleights Three killer phases Instant reset

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