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Printing Coins (Gimmick and DVD) Review

Official Review

July 18th, 2022 6:35am
Reviewed by Stephan Sloan
Printing Coins by Ariel Carax and produced by Bazar De Magia is basically a utility gimmick. It allows one to produce multiple coins from one coin on the guise of making tracings (on paper) of the original coin. The premise itself is questionable because I can't see this as being entertaining to anyone but children and it takes too long for the magic to happen. Producing coins this way is almost akin to endless counting in card tricks which only equates to boring.

The gimmick itself seems well made and to Ariel Carax's credit, you are provided with a template to prepare a new pad (purchased at any local stationary store) when the pad provided gets depleted of paper. I personally appreciate it when a creator allows for the consumer to replenish the necessary items locally without being tied in to specific items only available through magic suppliers.

The explanation video itself is dubbed in English for us English speaking magicians and lasts no more than five minutes. There are no routines provided as this really is just a means to produce coins magically. You will have to resort to any routines you already perform utilizing the requisite number of coins.

What I don't agree with in the ad copy is "the easy and quick reset" and "all the items can be given away to the audience or showed for their examination". Not so, the reset has to be away from prying eyes and the pad from which the paper is torn from cannot be shown. In addition, Ariel Carax claims he does this walk around. I cannot see how this can be reset whilst walking from table to table and the time it takes to tell the story of doing rubbings as a child is way too much time for a table hopping set. The only venue I can see this being used is in a parlor setting.

If you think you can script a compelling story while utilizing this gimmick and feel you can make the time compress doing so then maybe you will want to give this one a try.

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Product info for Printing Coins (Gimmick and DVD)

Author: Carax, Ariel
Publisher: Bazar De Magia
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $60.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Some visual effects will always remain in the spectator's mind. Printing Coins is an example of this.

Ariel Carax delights us with this innovative and clever work of art. A visual and innovative effect you will definitely include in your pro repertoire or in your occasional performance.

The magician puts a pencil, a coin -you may borrow one from the audience-, and a sheet of paper on the table. He puts the sheet of paper on top of the coin and rubs the pencil on it thus making the coin printed on the sheet of paper. The magician prints the coin several times on the whole sheet. He then raises the sheet of paper and shows that the coin has been multiplied into as many coins as the number of rubbings made. The coins, the sheet of paper and pencil are showed and given away to the audience.

The DVD includes a visual and emotional introduction of the Printing Coins. A perfect and impressive opener (introductory effect). Very easy to do. Easy and quick reset. Quickly repeated. You may perform it standing or sitting at a table or on the floor. No manipulation or palming. No need to discard anything. No sleeves or lap required. At the end, all the items used may be given away to the audience or showed for their examination. Use any type of coin, even a borrowed one: Half dollar, 2 euro, 2 pounds, peso, etc. A gimmick and an English/Spanish explanatory DVD are included.

Additional Information
Any coin with similar size work fine too. You need coins diam: 25mm to 33mm and Thick to 3mm.

Half Dollar: 30.61mm x 2.15mm - OK
500 Yen: 26.5mm x 2mm - OK
2 Pounds: 28.4mm x 2.5mm - OK
2 Euros: 25.75 mm x 2.2mm - OK
20c Australian: 28.52mm x 2.5mm - OK
50 c Argentinian peso: 25.2mm x 1.7mm - OK

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