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Cover the Spot Review

Official Review

July 30th, 2022 1:42am
Reviewed by Stephan Sloan
Cover the Spot by Ian Kendall and manufactured by Alan Wong is a portable "Bunko" game that can entertain and occupy your peers for quite a while. This is not a magic trick per se but falls in line with the Three Card Monte, the Shell Game and the Endless Chain. If you find those types of routines your cup of tea then you might want to add Cover The Spot to your arsenal.

What you get are six plastic circles, a large red one and six smaller white ones. The circles are made of a fairly thick plastic and I can't see anything happening to them unless the are severely mishandled. In addition, they are lightweight so they will not add much bulk to your pocket. After a brief demonstration by the performer, the spectators take turns trying to completely cover the large red circle by dropping in place the six smaller circles. Unless you know the secret it is very difficult to accomplish. There is no sleight of hand and this is all a demonstration of skill by the performer. This can be set up as a bar bet, a challenge or a contest for some sort of prize.

The DVD provided is very basic which is a static camera shot either on Ian Kendall or the table where he is demonstrating. This video will certainly not win an Academy Award, however, everything needed to understand and accomplish the feat is explained clearly and thoroughly.

The product as a whole delivers exactly what was stated in the ad copy and is completely accurate. If you are expecting something magical to happen this is not for you. The only negative I can see, and this is only due to my own OCD about keeping my props clean and orderly, is that for the asking price a vinyl sleeve somewhat akin to a CD sleeve should have been provided to keep the props together, clean and free from possible abuse. If you like challenges, puzzles and bar bets this may be for you.

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Product info for Cover the Spot

Author: Kendall, Ian; Wong, Alan
Publisher: Alan Wong
Average Rating:  (4)
Retail Price: $32.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Cover the Spot is one of the more elusive of the Bunco games. Played at carnivals and on midways all over the world, thousands of marks have tried to win valuable prizes by simply covering a red spot with 5 discs. They all failed. Now, with the work explained by award winning magic teacher Ian Kendall and bespoke props made by Alan Wong from tough plastic that will last for ever, you can add this classic game to your Bunco show, magic gen or just carry the discs with you to the bar for some free drinks. Remember to scam ethically...

When the BBC's Real Hustle team wanted to feature the Spot game they turned to Ian for the real work. Coney Island master of the side show Todd Robbins said, " Ian's tutorial is the best source available for learning the working of this wonderful evil 'game'!"

Peter Duffie in Magic Magazine said "All in all, this is a DVD that provides excellent value for money, tips the 'work' on a little known game, and is definitely worth checking out."

Comes complete with 6 plastic discs (1 red, 5 white) and instructional DVD.

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