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Ice Qube Review

Official Review

July 24th, 2022 8:54am
Reviewed by Stephan Sloan
I can't think of anyone who is more passionate about controlling the elements than Kieron Johnson. His zeal to command the forces of nature has been a quest of his for years. Ice Qube is another of a series of effects Kieron has developed to display his super powers. In this release a coin disappears and ends up incased in a block of ice.

It is very apparent that Kieron and Saturn Magic invested a lot of time, trial and error and research to bring to the market a product worth your time and money. The process to make the magic happen has been honed down to a science and perfected so all you have to do is perform. Like any other magic effect there will be the good and bad.

The following is what you should not expect. You should not expect to get everything you need to perform. As the ad copy says, there will be additional items you must acquire. Also, you will need to replenish some of the items provided because they will be consumed. These are not expensive but you should be aware of it. You should also not expect a professionally made video for the explanation. The explanation video is a solitary camera shot in front of some weird green screen background that had a tendency to move about on its own. There was no real effort to script the explanation and in some points Kieron rambled on, sometimes incoherently, about his passion for this type of magic. The explanation certainly could have used some scripting and judicious editing.

That being said, this is what you will get. You will obviously receive everything you need to make several gimmicks. After that there will be a nominal investment in some more supplies. You will also get a thorough explanation of how to make the gimmick, carry the gimmick and the options available to make adjustments in the field. As poor as the video was in quality it was rich with advice. It is quite apparent the creators want you to be successful with this product.

My final thoughts on this item is that one would have to think carefully about where you may wish to present this. I can see it as an single spotlight trick or possibly in a parlour show. I personally cannot see this in a walk around setting where pocket space is at a premium and one is being paid by the hour to perform. The gimmick and its associated bag takes up an entire pocket. Then you need something to break up the ice. In addition, after performing it once you would have to go back to where you squirreled away your replacement gimmicks, reload and head back to the venue. In walk around, space and time is a premium. I cannot see doing this several times in a one hour walk around set as it is touted. The decision is yours, the product works as claimed if you think you have place for it in your set.

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Product info for Ice Qube

Author: Kieron Johnson & Mark Traversoni
Publisher: Saturn Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $44.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Holy Grail of Ice Magic has arrived!

This is Ice Magic at its best! Vanish a signed coin and have it appear in a block of ice! The impossible is now possible! Ice Qube cracks the code!

For 5 years, Kieron Johnson has been searching for the Holy Grail of Ice Magic. Inspired by the works of Max Mallini and other great magicians, Kieron's ultimate aim has been to have a coin signed (or any small object, like a ring or card corner) and actually have it appear inside an ice cube.

3 years ago, he discussed the idea with Mark Traversoni, and together they began working to create the impossible.

Years of collaboration, testing and refinement now brings you Ice Qube - the ultimate impossible location where the spectator's signed coin is inside an ice cube.

Yes, you read it right, the signed coin is actually inside the ice cube -- you can show it on all sides before they break it open to find their coin actually inside the ice. You never touch the ice after you've handed it over to be smashed!

No switches
No duplicates
This is TV magic for the real world
This is so simple a child could do it

If you can vanish a coin, using any method, with a box, cloth, other device or method, you can perform this incredible effect.

Using Kieron's proven methods for making and transporting ice, you can travel for hours with the ice before you need to perform with it -- whatever the weather.

When in your pocket, the ice will last for a considerable time before your performance.

Kieron and Mark explain the Ice Qube routine and secret, and also include a bonus routine that fits perfectly with the Ice Qube plot of item-to-impossible-location.

- Perfect for every table or top table
- Perfect for close-up, parlour and stage

Other variation possibilities are discussed, utilizing larger objects and ice.

This is a high impact effect which gets amazing, jaw-dropping reactions.

Included in the package:

- Online tutorial link.
- Ice Qube gimmick, manufactured in the UK from high quality materials.
- Performance carry pouch (color may vary).
- Other items required to help you transport your Qube and perform the routine.

Not Included:

- Coin vanishing gimmick (use your favorite method - various ideas discussed in the tutorial)
- Cool bag, flask or similar item to transport your ice.
- Hammer to break the ice (supply your own or use another item that suits your style)

We know people will want to perform this on TV, just as Richard Jones (the winner of Britain's Got Talent) and Jamie Raven (runner-up) did with great success with some of Kieron's earlier works.

For these reasons, we have reserved the TV rights because this effect is so strong. Please contact Saturn Magic for TV performance inquiries.

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