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Clear Surprise Review

Official Review

July 10th, 2022 7:51am
Reviewed by Stephan Sloan
I have always had a love/hate relationship with Tenyo items. Firstly, I never liked their cheap plastic appearance. To me they look like props extricated from a kid's magic set. Another issue I have with Tenyo items is for the most part the tricks themselves tend to be in dire need of a good presentation, which is never provided. The purchaser has to exercise their creativity which in my case is a struggle. However, Tenyo tricks are intriguing because they are so gosh darn clever.

Clear Surprise is a pretty simple and direct production of a bill (any currency will work) from a seemingly empty plastic pouch. You start off by showing two playing cards and an empty pouch. The two cards are held above and below the pouch with the bulldog clip provided. You reach into the pouch and produce a bill of your choice, end of trick. There is very little to work with from the introduction of the cards and pouch to the final production of the bill. If you are happy just doing a trick without creating a moment for the spectator then this one will be fine. I personally would prefer to have more byplay between the spectator and performer and more opportunities for the magic to happen.

As far as the quality of the trick itself, it seems to be fairly well constructed. The pouch is sturdy and appears to be able to withstand lots of use. The clip itself is not too bulky and looks fairly durable as well. I do have issues with the cards provided. The cards appear to be from some cheap dollar store stock. It would have been nicer to have Bicycle back cards which would have allowed one to ring them in from a deck you were carrying. That being said, making the one gimmicked card from Bicycle stock yourself would not take too long if you wanted to. Taking the "cover cards" from a deck would allow you to perhaps deflect the fact that they could be special cards.

As mentioned earlier, if you just wanted to show a quick trick without any handling and no presentation this would be OK. Overall, I think for what you receive in the package it is a bit overpriced. Having a list price of just shy of $30 I think there is a lot more impactful magic you can buy instead.

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Product info for Clear Surprise

Author: Tenyo
Publisher: Tenyo
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

A magical appearance.
Real money materializes within a clear envelope!

Producing real money from a transparent envelope is a magical delight!
The envelope looks so innocent that there couldn't be any room for trickery, but it still enables you to perform this extremely baffling illusion. Keep the props in your bag or pocket, and you'll always be ready to perform.

Use currency from your own country - dollars, pounds, Euros, etc.

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