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Vampire Bee Review

June 24th, 2022 6:34am
Reviewed by James Wood
Vampire Bee is one of my favorite tricks for birthday parties with children eight years or younger. The magician begins by displaying five jumbo cards with colorful drawings of little rabbits. But then one by one the cute bunnies magically turn into pictures of an evil little insect, the Vampire Bee. The magician swats each new bee as it appears, but he swiftly loses his composure as the bees keep coming.


(a) The routine is truly hilarious and fun to perform.

(b) It gets huge reactions from the children. It uses the “Magician in Trouble” theme and involves a moderate amount of audience participation.

(c) Although the trick is most appropriate for children in third grade or below, it’s fooling enough to mystify and entertain older children and adults in the audience.

(d) The props are very modest “ six jumbo cards and a flyswatter. This is one of those "packs small, plays big" tricks.

(e) The cards are attractive and professional in appearance.

(f) The printed instructions are well written, nicely illustrated, and very clear. There are no video instructions, but if you want to see performances of the trick they can usually be found on Tommy James’ website or on YouTube (use search terms “Vampire Bee” or “Comeback Bee”)

(g) The price is reasonable considering the quality of the props and the polished routine that comes with them.


(a) The individual moves required to perform the routine are not difficult. However, there are a lot of moves to remember. In this respect, Vampire Bee reminds me of two of my other favorite routines -- Sidewalk Shuffle and Stand-up Monte.

(b) You cannot easily make the cards for this routine yourself. As long as Tommy James continues to sell the cards, there is no problem. But if he ever retires, it may be hard to obtain replacements. If you buy this trick and decide you like it, you may want to buy some back-up sets of cards that you can use when Tommy James closes up shop and moves to a beachside bungalow in Florida.

Product info for Vampire Bee

Author: Tommy James
Publisher: Tommy James Magic Products
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

A high-energy routine that will get the kids into a frenzy!

You display the backs of five cards each with a picture of a magic hat. Ask the children “What do magicians pull out of hats?” Of course they respond “Rabbits!”
Turn the cards around and state that you have five different colored rabbits. There is a blue rabbit, yellow, red, green and . . . Oh no! The children discover on one of the cards there is a VAMPIRE BEE! ( A bee with BIG HUGE fangs!) You notice the vampire bee, place it aside, grab a fly swatter (not included) and give it a few whacks! The kids go bananas!

You now show four different colored rabbits. State that you will make one rabbit disappear when you say “Abra” and they say “Cadabra!” But when you count the rabbits again another vampire bee appears! The kids are screaming to let you know! Place the bee aside, grab the fly swatter and give it a few whacks. The children are in stitches!

Next you show three different colored rabbits. You attempt to make one disappear but, another vampire bee appears! Pandemonium! Grab the swatter . . . Whack, Whack, Whack! This happens two more times until ALL the rabbits have turned into vampire bees! You turn around to discard all the bees and, oh no! The children see a vampire bee hanging on your back! The children are in an absolute frenzy!

This is a high-energy trick with lots of excitement that really gets the audience responding! The cards measure 5-1/2” high by 4-1/4” wide, printed in vibrant colors on 16pt card stock with a protective gloss finish. Complete with detailed written instructions with lots of photos AND a private link to an instructional video to help make the learning process clear and easy. Fly swatter not included.

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