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Coff-Links Review

Official Review

August 4th, 2022 12:04am
Reviewed by Elliott Smith
Easy, simple, visual and dramatic. This guy is a machine, does he ever stop coming up with such incredible stuff. If you have not as yet purchased any of his previous ‘coffee shop’ effects, you don’t want to miss getting this one. The prep work for this effect will take you a little time but is well worth it for the shock and amazement you will receive from your spectators. The great thing here is that it won’t cost you a dime … unless you want to buy a coffee. Greg refers to this as a 'coffee shop masterpiece' and it is, linking rings with coffee sleeves.

The nice thing about this effect as with the others, everything you use to perform these minor miracles of coffee shop magic is found in the coffee shop (of your choice) is FREE. Nice huh? The hardest thing about this effect is crafting the prop which is very, very easy. The move you need to accomplish this is even easier. The build up and humor is a precursor to the dramatic conclusion of this trick. As always, Greg and David will show you and teach you a few subtitles not shown in the trailer that will add so much more to your presentation.

Leave the linked holders with your spectator not only as a memento but as a great calling card for your magical services that they will tell others about. “I met this guy in a coffee shop and …”. For $6 this is a very worthwhile buy! Try it, you will like it, another 5+ star effect.

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Author: Greg Wilson
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The strangest coffee creation ever ” linking rings with coffee sleeves. You do it with your sleeves and then their sleeves and end with an impossible-object souvenir.

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